Company cycle ride completed

Bollhoff staff have completed a long-distance cycle ride to celebrate the company’s 145th birthday in 2022.

In May, 15 members of staff from three countries embarked on the first of a two-leg tour by setting out from Willenhall, Staffordshire and travelling over two days to the company’s location in Hull.

After taking the overnight ferry to Rotterdam, Netherlands, the group met five more employees and continued to company headquarters in Bielefeld, Germany over the course of four days. They arrived in Bielefeld on Saturday 21 May where they were welcomed by the Böllhoff family and around 2,000 employees and their families, who celebrated the anniversary together.

This cycle tour is the seventh undertaken by company staff. Other destinations such as Prague, Munich and Chambéry have already been visited in previous years. This tour was also kindly supported by the Böllhoff family as well as sponsors LuckyBike and Dr Wolff Group.