Something for everyone in IKO’s positioning table range

IKO’s precision position tables offer a wide range of solutions for machine builders, regardless of the axis of motion.

Unrivalled speed and precision for micro-positioning

IKO’s state-of-the-art linear motor table is a moving magnet-type linear motor table with an extremely low profile.

Advanced Silicone Materials for Drone and UAV Manufacture

Techsil understands the unique requirements in advanced drone and UAV manufacture; together with Momentive they put forward a range of silicones perfectly suited to the challenges faced.

The Next Generation of Battery Powered Rivet Tools is here

There has long been a need for a rivet tool capable of working without compressed air, whilst being able to offer compressed air tool speed and convenience.

Removable Double-sided Foam Tapes from tesa®

tesa® offers two removable foam tapes, the multi-use residue-free removable double-sided foam tape, tesa® 65605 and the single use residue-free removable tesa® 65610.

How did Advanced Adhesives achieve Structural Bonding of the Un-bondable?

Advanced Adhesives have for many years now supplied it`s PP3000 Structural Adhesive for bonding low surface energy plastics like PP, HDPE etc.

The Complete Service from Staytite

Staytite is here to help manufacturers achieve greater efficiency by providing services to supply the essential items required for manufacture, from fasteners to C-class components.

Southco Monitor Arms From Zygology Improve Reliability, Ergonomics & User Experience In Medical Industry

Where equipment reliability can be a matter of life or death, Southco’s selection of display monitor arms deliver enhanced operational efficiency and increased user experience.

Bondloc launches Let's Stick Together campaign and a free sampling service

Bondloc is challenging the status quo in the industrial adhesive market by launching its first national advertising campaign, “Let’s Stick Together”.

Entries for the British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEAs) are now open!

Brought to you by Eureka! and New Electronics, the British Engineering Excellence Awards return for 2021, celebrating the very best in design engineering achievements across the UK!

The nuts and bolts of confident bonding

Bondloc share their thoughts on why threadlockers are still an integral part of engineering and maintenance today.