What are the differences between cut and rolled threads?

Are the threads cut or rolled? Earnest Machine explains the differences between the two production types.

Between a glue and a seal

Silyl-modified polymers (also known as silane-modified polymers, or SMPs), offer a wide applicability and share properties of both sealants and adhesives

EMKA guides HVAC OEM through component manufacturing changes

HANSA develops and produces air-conditioning and ventilation systems for schools, offices, sports halls, swimming pools, hospitals, industry and IT rooms.

Composite panel fastening for offshore power

Some years ago, Siemens Wind Power investigated the use of more composite materials for the nacelles on its 6 MW offshore wind turbines. A focus was improving nacelle panel assembly and disassembly.

What is surface energy?

Tantec UK & Ireland, a UK provider of surface energy measuring and testing solutions, explains all

Chemique guide to polyurethane adhesives

Polyurethane (PU) adhesives have been a popular choice in many industries as they can be formulated to provide a range of physical properties, writes Chemique Adhesives.

The new wave: all about wave springs

Displacing coiled round wire springs for many specialised applications are those formed from flat wire, which offer benefits in size and weight. Here is an introductory guide

Thread locking ensures plant safety in aggressive environments

An Australian mining operation faced a risk to worker safety when M36 anchor bolts threatened the collapse of the jaw crusher equipment frame.

Adhesive bonding solutions for wearables applications on skin

Over the last few years and during the pandemic, the demand for wearables and long-wear applications in medicine has significantly increased, according to supplier Lohmann.

Flexible enclosures provide safety and ease of use for laser interlock systems

Laser Support Services, which designs interlock systems, works with Spelsberg UK as its enclosure partner.

How to use dyne inks

Surface treatment company Tantec UK offers advice about why and how to use dyne inks.

Elesa develops clamps for display designer

Portal Devices is a design display company based in the UK offering specialist products and structures for theme parks, planetariums and attractions and even in simulation technology.