Future fastening: mixed-material bonding in body-in-white structures

Gestamp's Miguel Angel Ferrandez, material joining manager, Bilbao, explains two particular mixed-material joining technologies in more detail.

Guide to thread repair and bolt removal

Sooner or later, it’s inevitable that technicians working with threaded fasteners will overtighten them, cross-threading a bolt or stripping the threads from an internal bore.

Understanding right-to-repair legislation

The environmental ‘Right to Repair’ legislation has put the consumer back in charge of their electrical goods and helps to address the throwaway tech culture head-on.

Enhancing security in high RPM applications

Rotational capacity requirements in modern applications are higher than ever — shafts in electric vehicle applications can now reach 15,000 rpm (revolutions per minute) or more.

ABC’s of ABS - an introduction to the ultimate thermoplastic

The familiar thermoplastic offers a range of properties to suit many applications in industrial and consumer applications for both extruded and injection-moulded parts (like LEGO).

Loctite products shine at jewellery maker

Technical and applications support from Henkel has helped jewellery manufacturer Bailey of Sheffield to overcome a number of bonding challenges in the manufacture of its products.

R&D project established to make fibre-reinforced composite material for chassis parts - UPDATED

Thanks to its good material properties, recyclability and worldwide availability, steel is still often the material of choice in the automotive and mobility industry.

Effective gas purging to avoid porosity during welding

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques explains how to use gas purging techniques to protect welds.

Protecting EV batteries with JMC-700K

From arcing to shorting out, protecting against electrical failures in an EV application can be challenging. To reduce these electrical issues, dielectric coatings have become popular.

Sticking together: profile of Techsil

Last year, adhesives distributor Techsil announced a fourth acquisition in the past decade. What was unusual about this one was that it was Techsil itself being acquired.

Electrical conductivity in adhesive tapes

Lohmann explains the advantages of electrically- and thermally-conductive adhesive tapes such as its DuploCOLL EC range, in contrast to other means of fastening in electronic components

Superer glues

Superglue, or, by its proper name, cyanoacrylate (CA), the substance has been one of the more popular industrial adhesives for small parts for 50 years.