Selecting stainless steel grades

When selecting a grade of stainless steel for your retaining ring or wave spring, it is most important to assess the customer needs and consider what the part will be subjected to.

Choosing an Accuride drawer slide

Choosing the right Accuride ball-bearing drawer slide is crucial to ensure smooth operation, durability, and functionality in a project.

Common Mistakes in Glass Gluing

Gluing glass with UV adhesives produces excellent results when done correctly.

Advantages of Balanced Tapered Section Retaining Rings

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain in popularity, the demand for efficient and reliable electric motors continues to increase.

Settling on the right sized robot

Robots are good for productivity, and if you’ve come to the conclusion that you can achieve a good return on investment through a robot purchase (ww.is.gd/Adsp7n), you may find yourself wondering...

Closing the gap for wound closure

Topical skin adhesives are liquid cyanoacrylate monomers that polymerise into long solid chains upon contact with an activator, moisture, or blood, to hold a wound closed.

Joining technology in automotive engineering

The automotive industry is in the midst of change and faces major challenges driven by the necessity to reduce emissions, which can only be achieved through electrification and consistent lightweight...

A snapshot of the UK rubber seals industry

Earlier this year, TFC, an AFC Industries company, announced its acquisition of EAP Seals, a manufacturer and distributor of rubber seals, O-rings, gaskets and associated technical products.

EcoRecord utilises recycled PET

SK Chemicals has announced that it has used 100% of its recycled polyethylene terephthalate (CR-PET) for Sonopress's new EcoRecord long-playing (LP) records.

Five ways a Fastener Design Course can enhance your career

Fastener knowledge plays a key role in informing product design in a range of sectors.

Making the switch to water-based adhesives

In an online post, Chemique Adhesives says now could be an ideal time for businesses who use solvented adhesives as part of their manufacturing processes to review their current work environment.

What is lock pre-load?

When talking about preload it is important to understand what preload is and how it impacts a locks ability to function properly.