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Bornmore provides stainless steel hex bars

Bornmore Metals offers a range of stainless steel hexagonal bars for turned parts such as bolts, nuts and other fasteners.

An overview of the UK’s surface measurement industry

Earlier this year, adhesives specialist Intertronics acquired Dyne Testing Ltd, a supplier of surface measurement products.

Wessex Resins announces organisational changes

Wessex Resins and Adhesives has bolstered its team by implementing structural changes, with further enhancements anticipated in the months ahead.

Plyable streamlines composite mould development

Plyable has announced an integration with Authentise Threads in a move that is said to end separate mould development workflows entirely.

EMKA Bow handles for industrial uses

EMKA has advised that its industrial Bow handles are suited to industrial use on access panels, doors, drawers and cabinets, as well as for lifting of cases.

Dymax adds RotoSpense 360 to equipment line

Dymax has added its RotoSpense 360 Workstation, a new adhesive application system, to its dispensing equipment line.

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Polypropylene: Testing and Perfecting Bonding Methods

Polypropylene (PP) bonding is traditionally a difficult task due to its low surface energy and inert material properties.

Future of Solvent-Based Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

Increasing use of industrial tapes, high-end graphics, and specialty labels is driving significant growth in pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA), according to a post on The Glue Blog.

Top five all-electric injection moulding myths

All-electric injection moulding machines have many excellent qualities, including greater precision, higher power density and lower carbon emissions.

How do self lubricating bearings work?

Self lubricating bearings, also known as maintenance-free bearings, are engineered to operate without the need for external lubrication.

Blind rivets in solar panel technology

In an online post, Gesipa sheds light on the role that blind rivets play in the manufacturing and installation process of solar panels.

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PICO® XP Jetting Technology from Nordson EFD Gives Manufacturers Next-Level Production Control

Micron (µm) level stroke adjustment and self-regulating calibration allow this revolutionary jetting system to meet unprecedented levels of fluid dispensing repeatability, both valve-to-valve and...

Why You Should Use a Wave Spring for Bearing Preload

A bearing is engineered to move smoothly and consists of several moving components that function together as a single unit. However, tolerance accumulation during manufacturing and assembly can lead...

Six Key Benefits of Using Custom Engineered Components

Custom engineered components (CEC) meet unique requirements, specifications, and/or challenges that off-the-shelf or standard components may not adequately address. The term is broad and generally...

UltimusPlus Fluid Dispensers Improve Operational Efficiency and Take Process Control to a New Level

They allow remote programming directly from a PLC and provide Ethernet control with TCP/IP protocol for Smart Factory integration.

Enhancing Assembly with Staytite's Screws for Plastic

Staytite's Stayplas 30° screws for plastic are high-performance fasteners that have been engineered with precision and innovation. These screws offer a number of advantages that make them the ideal...

Why You Should Use ARaymond™ Quick Connectors

TFC, the European distributor of ARaymond™ Quick Connectors, showcases top-of-the-line assembly solutions that guarantee reliable and efficient performance for various automotive fluid lines, ranging...

tesa® 4965 Original Next Gen. Same performance, reduced CO2 emissions

Sustainability is one of the most pressing priorities there is – and we can drive positive change by tailoring a new tape generation of tesa® 4965 Original to meet those needs. It makes sense.