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Ground breaking ceremony for Böllhoff facility

Construction work of a new Böllhoff production facility in Izmir, Turkey, has begun with a ground breaking ceremony.

Elesa offers advice for industrial toggle latches

In an online post, Elesa has said industrial toggle latches can be used to secure conveyor belts, machinery, furniture and storage containers. 

Essentra joins United Nations Global Compact initiative

Essentra has joined the United Nations Global Compact initiative - a voluntary leadership platform for the development, implementation and disclosure of responsible business practices.

WDS offers low-profile levelling feet

WDS has launched a range of pressed stainless steel levelling feet that provides a low-profile alternative to its existing heavy-duty range.

FDB stocks L and T style lock handles

The FDB Panel Fittings Online store now has full stock of traditional L and T style lock handles for all types of generic industrial applications.

Bostik UK appoints head of sustainability

Bostik UK has appointed Yuliya Nam-Wright head of sustainability, where she will lead new and existing environmental and social initiatives.

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Considerations for choosing indexing plungers

Indexing plungers are essential components in many industries, from manufacturing and automation to aerospace and medical.

Polyurethane (PU) Adhesives in Manufacturing

Due to their bonding strength, flexibility, and durability, polyurethane (PU) adhesives are a popular choice in a variety of industries.

How A Structural Rivet Works

Structural rivets are stronger than standard rivets and are designed for heavier-duty applications.

Understanding and acting on PFAS

In a post on The Glue Blog, Andrew Stooksbury, global regulatory director describes Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) as a group of chemicals used in coatings, textiles,...

Circlips vs. Snap Rings: Understanding the Differences 

When it comes to securing rotating or moving parts within machinery, engineers often encounter the choice between two distinct components – circlips and snap rings.

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Advancing Medical Device Enhancement with Smalley Technology

TFC, the exclusive distributor of Smalley Wave Springs and Retaining Rings in the UK, unveils the pivotal role of wave springs in advancing medical technology and innovation.

Essentra extends global drive to all-electric machines to maximise quality and productivity

Essentra PLC, a global leader in the manufacturing of essential industrial components, has recently upgraded its manufacturing capabilities by replacing its 55th hydraulic injection moulding machine...

The Hardlock Nut

The Hardlock Nut, a reusable locking nut that is easy to install, with exceptional resistance to loosening by vibration and other external forces!

Self-Locking Retaining Rings for High RPM

The engineering team at TFC recommends Self-Locking Retaining Rings as ideal for applications with high rotational requirements. Self-locking allows the ring to operate at high speeds, withstand...

Innovative Adhesive Solutions for PCB Assembly from TECHSiL

Technical specialists TECHSiL have an innovative range of adhesives and potting compounds specifically designed for PCB Assembly in Automotive, Consumer Electronics and Medical Devices. Offering...

The Unsung Heroes of Industry: O-Rings and Seals

In the world of manufacturing and engineering, the smallest components often play the most crucial roles. Among these unsung heroes are O-Rings and Seals. These unassuming rings and gaskets might not...

High Performance Components Designed for Reliability, Safety & Efficiency

For over 65 years, Rotor Clip has been a trusted partner in the automotive industry, providing high-quality circlips that ensure the reliability and safety of automotive designs. As the automotive...