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Norco enhances CNC capabilities with Mantech machine

Norco has acquired a Mantech Apollo 3 Axis CNC machine to enhance the manufacturing capabilities at its CNC centre.

Lesjöfors acquires Clifford Springs

Lesjöfors has acquired Clifford Springs in a bid to strengthen its offering in energiser springs.

Toray appoints European managing director

Toray Advanced Composites has announced that David Bernard has replaced Erik Delnoij as its European managing director.

TFC Acquires Forward Industrial

TFC has acquired Forward Industrial, a Midlands-based distributor of fasteners, as part of a strategy to further grow its business in the UK and Europe.

BASA launches annual awards event

The British Adhesives & Sealants Association (BASA) is to host a new awards event at the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham on 22 November.

Velocity Composites achieves recertification worldwide

Aerospace composites specialist Velocity Composites has been recertified for two quality management standards across all three manufacturing sites in the UK and US.

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Dymax Light Guides for UV/LED Light-Curing Spot Lamps

Light guides are essential in transmitting light energy generated from UV/LED spot curing systems to targeted areas and directing that light precisely where needed, which is critical for curing...

Impact of spring materials on the power industry

The power industry’s non-negotiable foundations are extreme precision, reliability, and efficiency. These combined guarantee stable power generation and distribution consistently, enabling varied...

TCO Tipping Point: revealing the real value

Cost pressures are frequently cited by companies as a reason for not investing in new machinery. Put off by the upfront price tag, many persist with tried and tested systems.

Primerless Adhesion with Plexus Adhesives

Traditionally, the process of bonding has involved the application of primers to enhance adhesion between substrates and adhesives.

Polypropylene: Testing and Perfecting Bonding Methods

Polypropylene (PP) bonding is traditionally a difficult task due to its low surface energy and inert material properties.

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Improving Assembly Efficiency with Staytite's Barb and Carp Nuts

The process of assembling a hexagon nut and a washer can be quite fiddly and prone to errors. Aligning the washer with the nut often requires precision, and any slight misstep can cause the parts to...

Circlips vs. Snap Rings: Understanding the Differences

When it comes to securing rotating or moving parts within machinery, engineers often encounter the choice between two distinct components - circlips and snap rings. Despite their apparent...

Design Online Webinars | Join us on 27 June | Register Now

Join us for one or both of our webinars on June 27th. Editor Paul Fanning will join guests from Southco and 3M to discuss a range of essential topics for design engineers.

PICO® XP Jetting Technology from Nordson EFD Gives Manufacturers Next-Level Production Control

Micron (µm) level stroke adjustment and self-regulating calibration allow this revolutionary jetting system to meet unprecedented levels of fluid dispensing repeatability, both valve-to-valve and...

Why You Should Use a Wave Spring for Bearing Preload

A bearing is engineered to move smoothly and consists of several moving components that function together as a single unit. However, tolerance accumulation during manufacturing and assembly can lead...

Six Key Benefits of Using Custom Engineered Components

Custom engineered components (CEC) meet unique requirements, specifications, and/or challenges that off-the-shelf or standard components may not adequately address. The term is broad and generally...

UltimusPlus Fluid Dispensers Improve Operational Efficiency and Take Process Control to a New Level

They allow remote programming directly from a PLC and provide Ethernet control with TCP/IP protocol for Smart Factory integration.