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Bumax solves galling issue for NASA telescope

Bumax delivered a variant of its DX 129 model to solve a potential galling issue in an adaptive secondary mirror for a NASA telescope in Hawaii.

Loctite commits to going ‘Beyond the Bond’

Loctite is reinforcing its commitment to exceed customer expectations in adhesives solutions by going ‘Beyond the Bond’, with full, end to end support.

TR Fastenings launch new Plas-Tech 30-20 screws

TR Fastenings has claimed that its new Plas-Tech 30-20 screws come with an optimised thread profile which gives an advanced performance in a variety of plastic materials.

Lowe & Fletcher Knob lock from FDB Panel Fittings

FDB Panel Fittings offers the ex-stock 1605 Knob lock from sales partner Lowe & Fletcher for the twist-and-go operation of cabinet doors to suit various applications.

Elesa wins Good Design Award for M.2000-SWM

Elesa has announced its M.2000-SWM Handles with monostable switch and LED indicator light has won the Good Design Award by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

Intertronics supplies Process Instruments with IRS 2125 flexible epoxy

Adhesives and sealants specialist Intertronics has supplied Process Instruments (Pi), a water analyser instrument manufacturer, with high performance flexible epoxy IRS 2125.

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How do self lubricating bearings work?

Self lubricating bearings, also known as maintenance-free bearings, are engineered to operate without the need for external lubrication.

Blind rivets in solar panel technology

In an online post, Gesipa sheds light on the role that blind rivets play in the manufacturing and installation process of solar panels.

Applications of springs and pressings in robotics 

Robotic technology is certainly one of the most fascinating branches of electronics, constantly delivering advancements that we could only imagine or see in sci-fi films.

MMA Adhesives Fatigue Resistance

In an online post, ITW Performance Polymers says many modern-day manufacturers have switched from traditional fastening methods to structural acrylic adhesives, and for good reason.

Enhance the bond strength of light-curable materials

In the realm of material science and engineering, particularly in fields that leverage adhesives for assembly or coating applications, the concept of dyne level plays a pivotal role.

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UltimusPlus Fluid Dispensers Improve Operational Efficiency and Take Process Control to a New Level

They allow remote programming directly from a PLC and provide Ethernet control with TCP/IP protocol for Smart Factory integration.

Enhancing Assembly with Staytite's Screws for Plastic

Staytite's Stayplas 30° screws for plastic are high-performance fasteners that have been engineered with precision and innovation. These screws offer a number of advantages that make them the ideal...

Why You Should Use ARaymond™ Quick Connectors

TFC, the European distributor of ARaymond™ Quick Connectors, showcases top-of-the-line assembly solutions that guarantee reliable and efficient performance for various automotive fluid lines, ranging...

tesa® 4965 Original Next Gen. Same performance, reduced CO2 emissions

Sustainability is one of the most pressing priorities there is – and we can drive positive change by tailoring a new tape generation of tesa® 4965 Original to meet those needs. It makes sense.

Magnets & adhesives: not as “poles apart” as you might think.

With more machines, vehicles and tools being made than ever before, it’s no surprise that the electric motor market continues to grow and many manufacturers are still curious as to the best way of...

The Hardlock Nut

The Hardlock Nut, a reusable locking nut that is easy to install, with exceptional resistance to loosening by vibration and other external forces!

Hot off the Press – Brand NEW Catalogue

It's time to throw away your old TFC Wave Springs and Retaining Rings Catalogue and ask us for a new one! Available in both hard copy and PDF! The complete range of Smalley Wave Springs and...