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Freudenberg sealing solution protects cobots

An unnamed manufacturer chose Freudenberg Sealing Technologies to develop a sealing solution to protect its collaborative robots’s (cobots) joints from dust, spraying water and other contamination.

Delo adhesive supports autonomous driving

Delo has developed an electronics adhesive that meets the requirements of the semiconductor and automotive industries while also helping to drive innovation in autonomous driving.

EMKA offers standard program swinghandles

EMKA has issued an update on its standard program of low profile swinghandles for enclosures and cabinets, covering the benefits of this design technology.

Henkel offers product demonstrations

Henkel is offering in-person demonstrations of Loctite and Teroson products to help body shops lower costs and improve the quality of repairs.

Lohman offers longwear skin adhesive

Lohman has launched an adhesive skin patch (DuploMED 85300) with a wearing time of 28+ days, which is said to increase the wearing time of medical devices.

Essentra invests in centre of excellence

Essentra has created a centre of excellence at its site in Kidlington to test and develop new materials that will enable it to offer more sustainable products.

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Selecting stainless steel grades

When selecting a grade of stainless steel for your retaining ring or wave spring, it is most important to assess the customer needs and consider what the part will be subjected to.

Choosing an Accuride drawer slide

Choosing the right Accuride ball-bearing drawer slide is crucial to ensure smooth operation, durability, and functionality in a project.

Common Mistakes in Glass Gluing

Gluing glass with UV adhesives produces excellent results when done correctly.

Advantages of Balanced Tapered Section Retaining Rings

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain in popularity, the demand for efficient and reliable electric motors continues to increase.

Settling on the right sized robot

Robots are good for productivity, and if you’ve come to the conclusion that you can achieve a good return on investment through a robot purchase (, you may find yourself wondering...

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Self-Locking Retaining Rings for High RPM

The engineering team at TFC recommends Self-Locking Retaining Rings as ideal for applications with high rotational requirements. Self-locking allows the ring to operate at high speeds, withstand...

Innovative Adhesive Solutions for PCB Assembly from TECHSiL

Technical specialists TECHSiL have an innovative range of adhesives and potting compounds specifically designed for PCB Assembly in Automotive, Consumer Electronics and Medical Devices. Offering...

The Unsung Heroes of Industry: O-Rings and Seals

In the world of manufacturing and engineering, the smallest components often play the most crucial roles. Among these unsung heroes are O-Rings and Seals. These unassuming rings and gaskets might not...

High Performance Components Designed for Reliability, Safety & Efficiency

For over 65 years, Rotor Clip has been a trusted partner in the automotive industry, providing high-quality circlips that ensure the reliability and safety of automotive designs. As the automotive...

Amasing bond strength to low surface energy surfaces with tesa® 64912

tesa® 64912 is a 1.2 mm double-sided PE foam tape for primerless mounting of automotive exterior and interior parts.

Wasting Time with Fiddly Washers?

We've all been there – assembling a product using either nuts, screws, or both, with an assortment of washers, only for them to slip from your grasp and disappear into an inaccessible place that’s...

Elevate Your E-Bike Performance with Smalley Technology!

Elevate your E-Bike designs with Wave Springs and Retaining Rings – the game-changers in performance and efficiency. Discover the innovation that's reshaping the future of cycling!