Technology Spotlights

Techsil to Exhibit Advanced Silicones for Next Gen E-Mobility Design Challenges

As a new era of e-mobility emerges, it's accompanied by new manufacturing challenges that require new material solutions. Techsil are preparing to release and discuss their most advanced material...

Thermally Conductive Silicones - Techsil’s Terrific Trio

Techsil discusses the best thermally conductive materials in the market today, covering silicone adhesives, greases, potting compounds and gap fillers.

Southco Plastic E6 Constant Torque Hinge Provides Increased Corrosion Resistance to Reduce Costs

Designed for use in corrosive environments, the new E6 hinge has been constructed with robust plastic and a stainless-steel shaft over moulded in nylon. Compared to typical hinges, the E6 features...

Staytite supplies kitted parts to its customers to increase productivity, save time and reduce costs.

Having your fastener & C-class part requirement ready in kit-form is a method of streamlining a whole host of processes including material sort & handling, storage, as well as reducing time and errors...

tesa® flame retardant and halogen-free tape solutions

To ensure health and asset protection, fire safety regulations are of special importance in a variety of industries, such as aviation, trains, marine, building and construction, elevators, automotive...

Polydist exhibiting new speciality materials!

Polydist (UK) are exhibiting at Engineering Solutions Live, today, and are on hand to discuss their ever-expanding specialities portfolio.

Using Electronic Access Solutions to Enhance Stand-Alone Kiosk Security

As self-service equipment evolves & expands into new application areas, ensuring the security of this equipment is essential to protect kiosk contents & the personal data of users. From point of sale...

Join experts from Maxon, Dassault and Southco for Design Online May

The next Design, Online webinar event will take place on Wednesday 26th May and start at 10am (BST). Editor Paul Fanning will join guests from Maxon, Southco and Dassault to discuss a range of...

One-minute curing time

Lightweight construction methods are now a permanent feature of automotive engineering, but the mass production of composite components can present challenges

Grasping the thread

With increasing pressures from factors such as timesaving, foreign object debris and reusability, effective mechanical thread locking is a challenge faced by many manufacturers

Prototype assembly at the ready

Getting help with the assembly of samples can be a headache – but help is at hand

Clinching the deal

FAST was recently speaking to BTM (UK) Automation Products managing director Mark Firmin about the company’s clinching process, the renowned TOG-L-LOC sheet metal joining system and its offspring –...