The Staytite Nut

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Since 1978 Staytite has been providing cost effective fastener solutions that resist loosening and vibration. Today we stock a broad range of fasteners which include leading brands such as Barb, Carp, Hardlock, Sems, Stayloc, Stayplas 30° and our uniquely engineered Staytite nut…

Our company was founded and owes its name to this simple and effective all metal lock nut that resists vibration and loosening, out-performing many rival locking nut solutions on reliability and cost.

Every Staytite nut is manufactured with a stainless steel spring insert that engages when installed on a screw thread, flexing upwards. This gives the nut a lower installation torque compared to other types of self-locking nut, particularly those of a deformed thread type.

During operational use the Staytite nut resists vibration and loosening because the specially designed insert flexes downwards and is ‘pulled’ into closer contact with the screw thread by the upwards anti-clockwise rotation of the nut body.

The simplicity of the design allows us to produce the Staytite nut with a range of materials, sizes (metric/ imperial/coarse/fine & extra fine pitch) with variants of the nut to suit almost all types of application. These also include thin, flanged and even weldable types.

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