The Hardlock Nut

The Hardlock Nut, a reusable locking nut that is easy to install, with exceptional resistance to loosening by vibration and other external forces!

How does it work?

The HARDLOCK Nut adopts the wedge principle to create its locking force. Initially, the lower convex nut applies axial torque akin to a regular nut. Notably, this nut incorporates a slight eccentricity at its upper convex part (highlighted in red). Subsequently, upon tightening the symmetrical upper concave lock nut against this eccentricity, it creates a perpendicular wedge effect relative to the axis. This action forces the lower convex nut firmly against the screw thread, establishing a resilient self-locking force, rendering it impervious to external vibrations or impacts.

Its proven reliability enables its users to benefit from a significant reduction in their maintenance costs. What’s more, the Hardlock Nut is reusable. Tested to 50 cycles, with no loss of performance!

The versatile HARDLOCK Nut is available in a range of sizes, thread types, and can be retrofitted to existing male thread components when required.

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