tesa® 4965 Original Next Gen. Same performance, reduced CO2 emissions

Sustainability is one of the most pressing priorities there is – and we can drive positive change by tailoring a new tape generation of tesa® 4965 Original to meet those needs. It makes sense.

For over 40 years, our double-sided tesa® 4965 Original has been the solution of choice for dozens of industries and applications. Now we have made it even better with a 40%* reduction in CO2 emissions, achieved through the implementation of the biomass balance approach and by equipping the new generation with a 90% post-consumer recycled PET backing.

With no compromise in performance or quality, our new tesa® 4965 Original Next Gen is a resource-efficient way to meet the growing demand for more sustainability from customers and stakeholders alike. Same performance. Less carbon emissions.It just makes sense.

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The same tesa® standards with reduced CO2 in production

The new tesa® 4965 Original Next Gen tape represents a higher use of renewable resources, and the commitment we have made to support customers in achieving their own sustainability goals.  

Now more than ever, consumers want to know the brands they buy from are working towards more sustainable solutions. We offer a product that, in these sustainability-conscious conditions, just makes sense. With 40%* less CO2 generated in the value chain, our new mounting solution gives customers the means to innovate further in the field, with a solid foundation to create products with a lower carbon footprint.  

On top of which, customers can be reassured that tesa® 4965 Original Next Gen tape has lost none of the quality and performance in our journey towards a more sustainable future. 

Tested and certified

Our work with customers across a variety of sectors gives us the insight to understand the challenges businesses face. They need the right product, for the right job, at the right price. At our Customer Solutions Centers we work hand in hand with our customers to address potential issues from a technical point of view and find the adhesive solution to suit them. 

Every product undergoes extensive testing for performance and efficiency, so customers can be confident that their production processes will benefit from using our adhesive solutions. In the case of the new tesa® 4965 Original Next Gen tape we conducted various tests to compare its properties and performance to those of the previous tape version. 

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Biomass balance approach to CO2 emission reduction

We adopted the biomass approach to replace fossil feedstock with biologically derived feedstocks. This meant a reduction in CO₂ emissions without any changes to the production process, and the same reliable performance.

Calculate your potential carbon footprint

Calculate the level of CO2 emission reduction by using tesa® 4965 Original Next Gen. Enter a few details on your product’s dimensions and receive results explained that will help you grasp the savings to be made. Visit our calculator tool today.

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*Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) reduction for the new tesa® 4965 Original Next Gen (50m x 50mm handroll, PV0: red MOPP liner) compared to the current tesa® 4965 Original (50m x 50mm handroll, PV0: red MOPP liner) calculated in 2023 with Cradle-to-Gate values including biogenic carbon uptake. Individual PCF values for the other liner types (PV1, PV2, PV4) and further information you can find in our ISO 14067-compliant comparative PCF calculation on tesa.com/4965-report