Alternative Parts for Production: Staytite's Value Added Support Makes It Possible

As a company that provides all manner of items into production lines, we consistently strive to identify ways in which we can help our customers save time and money by analysing the parts used.

If we were to suggest a change of a particular part, this can often be resisted, because if what is currently being used works, why fix it?  The change must be justified.  What if we could show you the benefits of change and provide the necessary information to ease the approval process?

For instance, as a fastener company, we might suggest that a fastener should be replaced because we have identified one that can be sourced more readily, costs less than what is currently being used, and is easier or quicker to install, or has an engineering benefit of being stronger, reusable, or offers better resistance to the environmental hazards it’s employed to work in, to give just a few examples of improvement. However, because the new fastener is not the one specified on the original drawing, companies might be reluctant or slow to make the change.  So, whilst the production line will continue, a company could be throwing away all the benefits of a new fastener every second they’re not using it…

As all companies will have their own unique internal processes, some of which may involve departments such as design, engineering, or production, and so on… this is where Staytite can support proposals with information and advice.  We would encourage engaging all stakeholders early in the process, such as representatives from different departments or functional areas, to get their buy-in and support for new fasteners. This can help to speed up the approval process and reduce the likelihood of pushback or resistance later.

Staytite can provide detailed information about the new fasteners and their benefits in a clear and concise way that is easy to digest. This can help to reduce confusion and ensure that everyone is on the same page.  Staytite’s technical team can respond quickly to any concerns or objections raised about the new fastener, addressing them promptly and thoroughly.  Supporting companies by providing data and evidence to support the use of the new fastener that will aid in selling the benefits and help overcome any objections or concerns, to reduce delays and speed up the overall process.  Even the approval process can be streamlined if you consolidate multiple approvals into a single step, reducing the time demand of the decision-makers involved.

By taking these steps, it's possible to speed up the approval process for new fasteners, C class parts, consumables, and PPE, allowing your production line to start reaping the benefits sooner!

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