The Complete Service from Staytite

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Have you ever thought that you may be able to save money or increase efficiency with the parts used on your production lines?

Staytite has a proven track record identifying cost and efficiency savings, as well as suggesting improvements in parts & fasteners used by its manufacturing customers. Whether it’s to replace a part with one that is more appropriate to the task, or a part better engineered to either improve your product, or to aid in the ease of the manufacturing process to increase productivity, our technical team can tackle designs and efficiencies from a multitude of angles!

How are your essential parts currently distributed to your workforce?

Huge efficiencies and administration savings can be gained with how those items are provided to you. Staytite can deliver directly to the shop floor, close to the point of use, thus saving you the hassle of ensuring the correct distribution of parts for your production lines. Our systems allow your staff to easily obtain anything from fasteners, C Class components, PPE, office supplies and I.T. equipment.

Staytite provides a complete service tailored to the demands of your business, working tirelessly to ensure you have what you need at all times. Usage reports, quarterly review meetings and customer satisfaction surveys ensure that you are receiving the very best service.

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