WDS Components expands standard part range in 2021 catalogue

1 min read

WDS Components has updated and expanded its range of components and standard parts and is presenting them in a new catalogue for 2021.

The new catalogue, which is more user friendly with a range of features to help make part selection quicker and easier, includes WDS’s complete range, along with a wide range of new releases.

For example, the range of 316 stainless steel components has been extended to meet growing demand from the food and hygiene industries. In addition to adding many more sizes, extended offerings also include inch dimensions with threads in UTS (unified thread standard) measurement. The Spencer Franklin Hydraulics range is now also available in a choice of new colours.

WDS Components’ new catalogue updates the previous edition released four years ago. It features a new layout for easier referencing of components, with more user-friendly tables and high-quality images, as well as additional technical information.

Pictorial, alphabetical and numeric indexes help customers find the components, parts and accessories they require. Coloured sections help the user find parts they are most familiar with, grouped together in recognisable categories. The catalogue uses simple icons throughout to help customers identify materials and grades. WDS Components has also introduced QR codes into the beginning of each category that take users directly to the website.

The significant increase in new components means that the catalogue has expanded to over 1,000 pages. In addition, the WDS range grows monthly, and if customers are unable to identify the part they need, WDS’ sales team or their technical support team can provide telephone support.

A free copy of the new catalogue can be requested by visiting wdscomponents.com or a copy can be inserted into a dispatch with orders placed.