tesa 62510 certified for mirror mounting applications

2 mins read

tesa is continuing to support furniture manufacturers, with the announcement that its double-sided PE foam tape, tesa 62510, has been certified for use in mirror mounting applications.

tesa 62510 has been certified by TÜV Rhineland, where tests included observation of performance in a climatic chamber. The creep strength of the product was extrapolated up to a period of 10 years and a recommendation of 50 cm2 per kilo of mirror weight was made.

With the tape said to offer a rapid, reliable and efficient element of the production process, whether on wardrobes, occasional furniture, dressing and vanity units or bathroom cabinets, "manufacturers can be assured that the newly certified tape will provide instant bonding strength and durability over time", commented tesa.

Secure bonding of mirrors in furniture is a critically safe application that requires the specific type of adhesive and the correct amount of tape applied in the correct way. As additional aids, tesa provides added value tools, including:

  • a bond strength calculator which determines the correct amount of adhesive tape for safe mirror bonding, given the weight and size of the mirror. With a 10x safety factor built into the calculations, manufacturers can be confident that they are using the right amount of tape to meet safety standards
  • a reference guide showing how much pressure should be applied when applying the tape which manufacturers can incorporate in their Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

These tools, together with professional advice and tested and approved quality products, provide tesa’s customers with the confidence to use the correct amount of tape in the knowledge that it is reliable and safe to sell on to their own customers.

tesa 62510 is a double-sided PE foam tape for mirror mounting. "It consists of a highly conformable PE foam backing and a tackified acrylic adhesive," states the company. "It has a softer foam backing than its counterpart, tesa 4952, requiring less pressure to be applied and making it easier to fit to large wardrobes in a productive environment. tesa 62510 provides a better solution for long-term reliable bonding, performing better than rubber adhesives.This is true across a variety of substrates used in furniture manufacturing, including wood, MDF, acrylics, glass and polypropylene. Additionally, tesa can test customer materials to ensure they are safe for bonding."

tesa 62510 is said to deliver high ultimate adhesion level for reliable bonding performance that is UV, water and ageing resistant; with a conformable PE foam core providing high inner strength suitable for automatic and manual assembly.

Peter Spencer, tesa’s key account manager, works closely with furniture manufacturers to find solutions for the ever-changing requirements of the industry. He summarised: “The use of tesa 62510 allows manufacturers to provide the best aesthetic results, with the hidden bond offering designers clean, uncluttered lines free from any mechanical fixings. In an industry where cost-effectiveness in production goes hand-in-hand with contemporary design requirements, tesa’s solution meets both sets of requirements,” he stated.