01 August 2008
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Superglues should not be taken for granted

Cyanoacrylate adhesives - known generally as 'superglues' - are used in many industrial applications but, according to Peter Swanson, 'adhere' brand manager at Intertronics, they often are little understood and may be of extremely variable quality

"Cyanoacrylates are taken for granted. Many users are not aware of the importance of matching the adhesive variants to substrate, gap size, or surface energy for the best results."

Intertronics has announced that it has introduced a new range of "professional grade cyanoacrylate 'instant' adhesives" under its 'adhere' brand name. Curing at room temperature in seconds the products are stated to provide excellent bond strength on a wide range of similar and dissimilar substrates including rubber, plastics, metal, wood, leather, ceramics, ferrites, stone, cork, glass, composites, and paper. The range offers "low blooming formulations" - surface-insensitive, fast cure, and low odour.

"The 'adhere' single-component systems require no mixing or heating; parts being bonded do not need to be clamped", explains Peter Swanson. "They are solvent-free and achieve high tensile and shear strengths. Their formulation ensures manufacturing repeatability and high stability facilitating long shelf life for efficient production line use. The range includes a rubber-toughened 'flexible formulation', an activator for faster cures, and a primer for use with difficult-to-bond plastics."


Paul Gay


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