04 May 2016
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Introducing the Avseal II sealing plug range from POP Avdel

At Zygology we always like introducing innovative products which solve customer problems, improve quality and drive down assembly costs. A great example of this is the Avseal II sealing plug range from POP Avdel

For many industries the issue of sealing off cross drillings created when preparing galleries, oilways and airways in valves, switches, engine blocks, gear boxes, pumps and other similar products has been a challenging problem for many years. Solutions such as driving steel balls into the casting, drilling tapping and installing threaded plugs are still being used, but they all suffer from serious drawbacks – not least of all variable quality or poor speed of assembly.

A solution was required which allowed the process to be speeded up, required minimal preparation of the hole, and most importantly was consistent. POP Avdel took note of this opportunity several years ago and introduced the Avseal range. This consisted of an aluminium sleeve mounted onto a mandrel which could be installed using standard break-stem rivet tooling by unskilled operators. The installation process was extremely fast and produced seals capable of withstanding extremely high hydraulic or pneumatic pressures. As all the operator has to do is offer the Avseal plug up to the hole and pull the trigger on the tool no skill was required to create a high quality seal – every time. The product was an instant success and many manufacturers switched over to the new process, improving quality and reducing costs in one fell swoop.

Now in its second generation Avseal II is more tolerant of poorly prepared or even oversize holes, and a hardened steel shaft and new stem locking mechanism means that Avseal II can be installed with standard nose assemblies should the customer wish. A tapered aluminium sleeve profile also improves the insertion of the Avseal into the hole. Avseal II is available in diameters from 4.0 to 12 mm as standard in high pressure version, or 16 mm in the low pressure version. Other sizes are also available to special order.

Avseal II is also suitable for thin wall applications, or where there is not much hole depth available. This means that designs can make more use of the internal space in the valve block without concerns about how the cross drill holes will be sealed. Avseal II is suited to the most demanding applications and is totally resistant to vibration.

In the event that an Avseal II has to be removed there is a special tool available which allows the plug to be removed and replaced again, which removes concerns regarding potential damage to an expensive valve during servicing.

Many satisfied customers use the Avseal system to improve their quality and reduce assembly costs. If you would like to join them you can begin by taking a look at the Avseal II page of our website by clicking here

If you would like assistance selecting the correct solution for you our experienced product specialists would be delighted to provide you with advice, samples and support with line trials

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