New POP Avdel Proset XT Range Arrives With Versatile Innovation

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Built to cover a wide range of industries and suitable for small bench assembly through to heavy duty engineering, the new POP Avdel Proset XT range has got your riveting requirements covered. The left or right 90° hand mounted swivel air fitting allows for maximum versatility by adapting to virtually any workstation set up and configuration.

Developed by Stanley Engineered Fastening whose focus is revolutionising blind riveting, the Proset XT range replaces the existing Avdel Genesis and POP Proset tools. With new design and improved usability combining the best features from previous tools, they are lighter, faster and more powerful than the tools they replace.

The range is optimised for high volume efficiency as both front and rear end components can be serviced in minutes without removing the tool from the production line. The patented “Quick Disconnect” nose housing and jaw ensure rapid cleaning and maintenance of the front end without the need for any tools.

Innovation was at the forefront of the range’s development with an ergonomic design ensuring maximum riveting efficiency with high levels of user comfort. Each tool in the range features a robust rubber base that is designed to avoid damage, whilst increasing robustness and tool durability.

As if this range wasn’t impressive enough, with its quick vacuum filter access of the Mandrel Collection System (MCS), undesirable air exhaust is directed away from the operator making this range safer to use in cleaner and healthier work environments

There are 4 tools in the range which between them can install blind rivets from 2.4 to 6.4mm diameter, structural blind rivets up to 6.4mm diameter, Avseal sealing plugs up to 12.0mm diameter, Lockbolts up to 6.4mm diameter and Avtainer 10.0 mm diameter.

The new Proset XT range increases your production efficiency whilst also offering a lower total tool life cost than previous tools. A full breakdown of the range’s features and benefits include:


  • High force-to-weight ratio
  • Quick disconnect nose housing and jaw case
  • Easy maintenance and service
  • Clear quick release mandrel collector bottle
  • Reduced downtime
  • Integral exhaust valves for fast setting cycles


  • Class-leading lightweight construction
  • With balanced handling
  • Comfortable, low activation force trigger
  • Adjustable vacuum exhaust direction

Economy & Safety

  • Air isolation switch during MCS removal
  • On/Off, left or right swivel air fitting
  • Flexibility and conserves energy

Zygology is the main UK distributor for all Stanley tools and fasteners in addition to helping you to specify the correct tool for your requirements we provide a full maintenance and repair service and a two-year warranty on XT tools.

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