16 November 2021
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New electrical connectors include multiple locking options

Flexlock from Provertha is a new patented locking system for D-Sub full-metal hoods for electrical connections. The patented dual locking system offers both the conventional screw locking mechanism with knurled screw, combination slot and Allen key as well as the innovative Quick Lock push-pull locking system. In addition, there are other locking options: the sliding lock and a locking system with insertable nut for cable-to-cable connections.

With the Quick Lock locking system, shock- and vibration-proof D-Sub fastenings in accordance with EN 61373 require no auxiliary tools and can be carried out in seconds with a single-handed operation. Secure locking is ensured by the acoustic and tactile feedback. Compared to conventional screw and slide locking systems, assembly can thus be carried out much faster. Existing D-Sub unit interfaces can be converted with low-cost locking pin sets to support the locking of the Quick Lock hood. Various locking pin versions are available for this.

The Flexlock hoods feature a zinc die-cast enclosure for very harsh requirements in industrial automation and control cabinet construction at temperatures between -55 °C to +90 °C. The nickel-plated surface offers an attractive visual appearance for applications where good looks are important.

The two half-shells of the new Flexlock full-metal hood can be joined together during assembly simply by snapping them into place, requiring only two cover screws at the cable outlet. This reduces assembly time and preparation costs. The spring-steel snap-together retaining springs ensure that they snap in securely and ensure reliable locking over the entire service life – even when exposed to vibration and extreme loads during operation.

The outer dimensions of the Flexlock enclosures correspond to established market standards. Thanks to this compatibility, the new D-Sub hoods can easily be used as an alternative solution in existing applications. In addition, they will be available in future in different enclosure sizes and in an angled design: as a 9-pin version with diameters from 3 mm to 9.5 mm and as a 15-pin and 25-pin version with diameters from 3 mm to 8.5 mm. The variants can be fixed with rivets or tabs.

The new Flexlock hoods are available as an individual packaged kit for assembly directly on site. However, they can also be supplied in bulk packaging for cable assemblies in larger quantities.

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