Locking down positioning with norelem’s indexing plungers

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norelem’s range of indexing plungers allow engineers to safely lock movable parts in place thanks to their easy handling and secure fix.

This range includes stainless steel plungers with remote actuation and indexing plungers with rotation lock and lead-in chamfer.

A typical indexing plunger features a knob or ring attached to a spring-loaded pin. When the knob is pulled, the pin is retracted, allowing for free movement of the plunger to the desired position. Once released, the spring locks the mechanism in place.

Marcus Schneck, CEO of norelem, said: “Requiring no tools to work with, our indexing plungers help to speed up and improve efficiency and safety when locking moving parts in place. These versatile products benefit from high holding forces and are suitable for applications where a predefined stop location is required, such as in industrial equipment, positioning tools, special vehicles and movable furniture.”

Stainless steel indexing plungers with remote actuation are suitable where inaccessible assembly spaces make operation difficult, or where remote operation is required for ergonomic or safety reasons.

A Bowden cable is used to operate the indexing plunger remotely, transferring mechanical movement, pressure forces or tension forces with a combination of a flexible wire and a pressure-resistant sleeve. Available in lengths from 1,000mm to 5,000mm, the Bowden cable can be shortened as required when installing. As an alternative to the actuating element, the supplied screw nipple can be used to integrate an individual actuating element into the system.

With rotation lock and lead-in chamfer, norelem’s indexing plungers ensure that the position of the pin in relation to the sleeve cannot be changed. Consisting of a threaded body, index pin and thermoplastic mushroom knob, the operator is able to rotate the point angle of the pin in 60° increments by loosening the screw as far as the marking on the plunger.

Depending on the application requirements, norelem’s rotation lock indexing plungers are available in either steel or stainless steel and with a locknut (Form A) or without one (Form B).

Engineers can find the components in norelem’s catalogue, The Big Green Book. Datasheets and CAD drawings are available online, and can be ordered directly through norelem’s web shop.