14 May 2021
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Dymax and HZO form coating alliance

Adhesives brand Dymax has signed a strategic partnership with HZO Inc, a supplier in nanocoatings to safeguard electronics and electrical products.

The partnership will extend HZO’s portfolio by adding 3,000 formulations to its existing coating solutions, facilitate joint product development, and accelerate market reach through Dymax’s global sales channel.

The partnership will directly address product requirements based on trends in IoT adoption, edge computing, ruggedisation, electronic miniaturization, and lightweight devices, as well as help manufacturers rethink how they produce and protect their offerings.

Dymax makes rapid light-cure adhesives, conformal coatings, potting compounds, and complementary dispensing and curing equipment. These products are used across various diverse industries and applications, including medical device, consumer electronics, automotive, and aerospace.

“Quick-cure conformal coatings from Dymax and next-generation nanocoatings from HZO, delivered through a single source, will accelerate market entry, streamline procurement, and enhance product performance, delivering a better, more durable offering,” said Rich Holder, CEO of HZO.

Jason Maupin, chief commercial officer of Dymax, said: "The agreement provides for the production of new formulations, including sustainable alternatives, that will drive the alliance to the forefront of innovation."

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