FDB launches quarter-turn latch/lock with flat head

FDB Panel Fittings has launched the DIRAK L36 IP65/67 Quarter-Turn latch/lock with Flat Head which is said to offer an especially flat and stable installation for where a smooth low-profile head is...

Intertronics expands adhesive dispensing range to include 2-K-DOS

Adhesives supplier Intertronics now supplies the 2-K-DOS metering, mixing and dispensing system, a benchtop system suitable for materials including silicones, polyurethanes and epoxies.

Locking down positioning with norelem’s indexing plungers

norelem’s range of indexing plungers allow engineers to safely lock movable parts in place thanks to their easy handling and secure fix.

Elesa's flexible hoses direct process fluid

The Elesa FH flexible hoses are composed of rigid tube segments snapped together. Assembled, they direct the coolant jet as required while remaining stable even in harsh, vibration prone environments,...

DIRAK-SNAP-Technology promoted as a simple, secure alternative approach to installation of panel hardware

Customer feedback to FDB Panel Fittings and sales partner DIRAK indicated that customers of furniture, lighting, electrical housings, electronics, and building fixtures and fittings were tired of...

The webinar event you need to add to your February calendar

Eureka is delighted to bring you the next 'Design, Online' webinar event, taking place on 24th February. Editor Paul Fanning will join guests from Maxon, Igus and Advanced Witness Systems to discuss...

Switch and control cabinet locking solutions guidance from EMKA

EMKA has recently enhanced its online guidance for varying industrial sectors as an aid to specialist enclosure manufacturers.

Self-tapping threaded inserts available from norelem

For high performance, robust, and strong threaded inserts, engineers can turn towards norelem’s comprehensive self-tapping range.

Protective caps and plugs - new range from Elesa

​New ex-stock protective caps and plugs from Elesa are said to solve protective problems simply – from cushioning pipe ends to preventing loss of fluids or ingress of foreign matter.

Gasket Profiles – EMKA maintain supply, maintain extensive stock and custom capability

With a manufacturing site here in the UK – in Birmingham – EMKA (UK) are well placed to offer excellent delivery of high-quality EPDM gasket profiles, whether for self-adhesive cellular foam or P type...

Registration is now open for EDS Reconnect, 2021

EDS Reconnect is a brand new, two-day, virtual event taking place from the 31 March – 1 April 2021. The virtual event is completely free to attend and you can join the event from any location.

Staytite Technical Advice

Do you require advice about the application of fasteners? Staytite can aid with new designs or advice with developing the manufacture of an existing product, whether it is a need to improve the...