tesa®ACXplus simplifies sheet metal fabrication manufacturing process

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Well recognised for its unique viscoelastic properties, which compensate for substrates with different coefficients of thermal expansion, tesa®ACXplus double sided tape delivers excellent stress dissipation and high bonding power for manufacturers in various industries. Now, businesses involved in sheet metal fabrication are using the technology to enhance their current production processes.

Already established across industry tesa® ACXplus represents a secure and fast alternative to traditional bonding methods in sheet metal fabrication, such as liquid glues, screws and rivets. Companies that embrace this innovative approach can expect a cleaner and easier process that takes substantially less time with businesses reporting savings of up to as much as 20%. It allows the combination of materials (such as aluminium on steel) in the production process, improves aesthetics due to the invisible bond, does not damage surfaces reducing the risk of corrosion and can also act as a water seal.

Fabrication processes often use heat and tesa® ACXplus has an elevated temperature resistance - up to 220ºC in some cases - and with the aid of an adhesion promoter can also be bonded to powder coated materials.

Jeremy Smith, tesa UK Ltd Trade Marketing Manager says, "We are always willing to review current bonding applications and present customers with alternative ideas if we feel we can help them to improve efficiency. The feedback we have received from companies that have used tesa® ACXplus to replace rivets, welding and other mechanical fixings has been unanimously positive'.

The advantages of adhesive tape technology are now well established. They are light, clean, easy to use, durable, high performance, safe and environmentally friendly. With its ACXplus range, tesa has extended the performance boundaries and the application