Techsil Launch New Range of Water-based Adhesives for Vehicle Flooring and Interiors

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Vehicle manufacturers are investigating using lightweight materials as one approach to reducing emissions. Plastics and reinforced composites are increasingly being used to make components throughout the vehicle but the bonding difficulties associated with these materials can cause a real headache for manufacturers. Traditional mechanical fasteners have the disadvantage of adding weight so engineers have been turning to adhesives to join these substrates together. However, one drawback is that the adhesives needed to provide a strong reliable bond to plastics are solvent-based and these solvents pose real hazards to humans and the environment making them less welcome in manufacturing.

Consequently there is a push towards using water-based adhesives that do not contain these harmful substances. In the past durable bonds have been difficult to achieve without the use of an adhesion promoting solvent. Techsil are pleased to present a new range of high performance, water-based 1 and 2 part adhesives. Specifically engineered to bond: PVC flooring, most plastics, wood, leather and synthetic leather, textiles, cotton fibres and wood fibres. These solvent-free adhesives are ideal for vehicle interiors in applications such as flooring, door panels and inserts, insulation materials and leather/vinyl wrapping. The features of this new range include:

  • High adhesive strength
  • Engineered to bond many diverse substrates
  • Solvent free; non hazardous and non flammable
  • High heat and climate resistance (-40⁰C to +140⁰C)
  • Application by spray, roller or manually

These water-based adhesives can be relied upon to meet the demanding standards of modern vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, trains, trams, caravans and motorhomes and can be used for the following applications:

  • Vehicle flooring
  • Insulation materials
  • Leather & vinyl wrapping
  • Door panels
  • Door inserts

Early indications show that these products are being well received from the target market of OEM vehicle producers, subcontractors and aftermarket equipment manufacturers.

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