High and Low Temperature Tapes from Techsil

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These double-sided adhesive tapes withstand very high and low service temperatures of between -40 and 100°C, and can perform under intermittent temperatures of up to 200°C! Stokvis DSPR397 and Techsil DSPR965 are durable transparent PET/film tapes with high tack; suitable for high and low energy surfaces - even rough and textured surfaces - and they are resistant to UV light, moisture, chemicals & solvents.

Stovkis DSPR397 is a transparent, double sided tape which consists of a yellow/brown silicone coated paper liner, a polyester carrier and a solvent based modified acrylic adhesive. DSPR397 has very good resistance against UV light, temperatures, chemicals, solvents and humidity. Its high shear resistant adhesive is highly durable on metal, varnish and high-energy surfaces. At the same time, this grade also offers good adhesive durability when attached to low energy-surfaces, and thanks to its high adhesive mass, DSPR 397 is appropriate for rough or structured surfaces.

Techsil® DSPR965 is a double sided high tack, high temperature acrylic PET tape with a red PP liner. Product benefits include: Good UV light resistance, Good chemical & solvent resistance, Humidity resistance, Highly durable on metal, varnish & high-energy surfaces, high temperature, Good adhesion to low-energy surfaces, Suitable for use on rough or structured surfaces.

Both tapes are used in the automotive and aerospace industries where they are ideal for the secure attachment of truck and car mirrors in plastic housings as well as an adhesive medium for trims, covers and cable trunks. They are also used for the extension and splicing of paper, textiles, plastic and metal films, where high shear strength and adhesion is required. Other application include mounting of ABS plastic parts and rubber/EPDM profiles, also decorative profiles and mouldings in the furniture industry. They are RoHS compliant and LMDS registered.

Techsil can slit cut these tapes for you to any width down to 5mm

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