New ranges of access hardware

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A new range of access hardware - over 350 individual products - now is available from Plastic Parts Centre. It includes latches, locks, handles, and hinges and joins the company's existing ranges of plugs, inserts, and feet"to provide a one-stop shop for all finishing products".

The 268 different latches and locks are offered with key or head fitting operation with eight variations of head style including slot, square, triangle, and double bit. Wing knobs and handle options also are included - all are quarter-turn operation, and a variety of key styles is available to complement the locks. The majority of lock housings are made from die-cast zinc alloy (Zamak 5) "renowned for its strength and resistance to corrosion", says the company's Martyn Stearman; the cam is made from chromium-plated steel. However, both body and cam can be supplied in polyamide. Other new options include locking handles in 'T' and 'L' styles, padlockable versions, long barrels, lock covers, slam shut and spring versions, and minicamlocks. As regards hinges there are 62 new products on offer most of which are manufactured from Zamak 5. Hinge pins are stainless steel. A glass-reinforced nylon hinge is available for use on heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) cabinets. "This has a three-screw mounting plate for stability and an asymmetric design that makes it suitable for fitting in the narrow space typical of HVAC installations", says Martyn Stearman. The new products also include 20 designs of handles, each produced in a range of sizes from 64mm to 1000mm. Meet Plastic Parts Centre at the Fastening & Assembly Solutions Exhibition, RAF Museum Cosford, 29th April 2009