Join experts from Maxon, Dassault and Southco for Design Online May

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The next Design, Online webinar event will take place on Wednesday 26th May and start at 10am (BST). Editor Paul Fanning will join guests from Maxon, Southco and Dassault to discuss a range of essential topics for design engineers such as drive systems for lab automation, the cloud and last Mile Delivery Security.


How to choose your drive system for lab automation


Lab automation has certain requirements that bring engineering challenges from a motor control view point. We will look at how the latest motor and drive technologies can bring success to various lab automation applications, such as liquid handling, X-Y-Z axes control and pumps for hand-held pipettes.


What is the value of the cloud and what can the cloud do for your business

Dassault Systèmes

This webinar will be on Dassault Systemes SaaS solutions covering cross brand and cross industry with some real customer testimonials and demos covering four Industries and many brands. This webinar would benefit all sizes of customers from beginners to well established companies.

This webinar emphasises on the power of cloud and how its an enabler for remote working, business continuity, Single source of the truth, Collaboration and many more.


Increasing Last Mile Delivery Security and Intelligence


With eCommerce booming, consumer pressures concerning the convenience of and the time to delivery have forced logistics firms to invest in new innovative solutions to manage their delivery operations. This pressure has led to the need to improve critical areas of delivery solution performance, including security and operating costs.