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Available now from Zygology, the new C2 Lever Latch with Visual Access Indicator from Southco provides the same consistent compression & vibration resistance as the existing C2 series, but now features a colour coded access indicator providing users with an easy-to-see visual cue to identify instantly if the latch has been actuated.

The latest C2 Lever Latch is still easy to install & easy to operate with its one-handed operation design, but with the added benefit of displaying the latch status. Users will increase their efficiency and security by being able to see if their latches are open or closed at a glance.

Checking whether a latch has been tampered with has never been quicker. When the C2 window shows green, the latch has not been opened since it was last reset. If the latch is opened, the window will turn from green to red, signalling that the latch has been actuated. The indicator remains red until the latch is re-set with a simple 90-degree turn of the tool recess security key.

C2 Lever Latch with Visual Access Indicator Features & Benefits:

  • Provides visual signal that latch has been actuated.
  • Sealed housing provides moderate to high degree of dust and water ingress protection, suitable for NEMA 4 / IP65 applications.
  • Available in two adjustable grip lengths to accommodate a wide range of grip dimensions.
  • Adjustable screw with grip range from 1mm to 39mm.
  • Screw includes moulded-in, integrated bumper to protect painted finishes and further reduce noise from vibration.
  • C2 access indicator latch options include Key or Tool Locking, plus Non-Locking.
  • Same panel prep opening as other C2 series allows for easy drop-in replacement or upgrade from standard C2 latch applications.

Applications include:

  • Medicine cabinets
  • Chemical cupboards
  • Tool chests
  • Display cases
  • Electrical cabinets

Southco’s Global Product Manager Loc Tieu, “The C2 Lever Latch with Visual Access Indicator offers the same consistent operation as our standard C2 series, but provides the added benefit of visually monitoring latch status. By allowing the end user to see if the latch has been actuated, the C2 Lever Latch with Visual Access Indicator saves the end user unnecessary time spent opening the enclosure to verify the enclosure contents.”

Richard Avery, Zygology’s Sales Director said, “It has never been quicker or easier to check latch status. The latest C2 Lever Latch continues with the range’s benefits of easy installation & use whilst providing Zygology customers with an efficient solution to time previously wasted checking latch actuation.”

If you’d like to find out more & discover how the new C2 Lever Latch with Visual Access Indicator can increase your efficiency by providing an instant visual cue to latch status get in touch with our friendly team of experts today on 0808 123 1221 or email

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