New Southco E5 Cam Latch With Flexible Grip Adjustment Provides Single Solution For Multiple Applications Now Available from Zygology Ltd

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Expanding upon their popular E5 Cam Latch range, Southco has introduced their latest version of the series featuring flexible grip adjustment. With a focus on customisation, the deep offset, standard offset, and straight (no offset) options available, the latch covers a wide range of grip distances and is suitable for multiple applications.

Delivering unprecedented versatility, the new E5 Cam Latch features an extended shaft that allows the cam to be set at a specific grip to tightly secure a door or panel. The grip adjustment overcomes door tolerance inconsistency and facilitates permanent gasket setting

Meeting rigorous NEMA 4 and IP65 standards for water and dust protection increases durability and safety. The E5 provides ingress protection and is suitable for use indoors and out. Usability and longevity is increased as the new latch solution provides protection against incidental contact with elements such as falling dirt, rain, sleet, snow, windblown dust, splashing water, and hose-directed water.

To further demonstrate the attention to detail Southco delivered during design and development, the metal cam features a plastic cap that minimises noise when making contact with the keeper, delivering robust, scratch-free connection with the frame and protecting decorated or coated finishes.

Providing a single latching solution for multiple applications, the new E5 Adjustable Grip Cam Latch series offers the following features and benefits:

  • Adjustable grip - Offers flexibility to manufacturing tolerances and adjustment to compensate for long term gasket set
  • Plastic cam cover - Helps reduce noise and eliminate scratching panel finish
  • Reversible cam - Cam can be mounted forward or reversed for multiple grip options
  • Wide material, finish and grip options - Suitable for wide range of applications, minimises the need for special orders
  • Large range of head style options - Meets most industry regulatory needs
  • NEMA and IP compliant - Can be used throughout indoor and outdoor environments
  • Internal spring – Compensates for up to 2mm of grip misalignment
  • Options for pre-installed Cam or without Cam - Pre-installed Cam reduces installations time. Without Cam allows flexibility usage across multiple applications
  • Tool, Key, or Pad-locking - Multiple locking and actuation options enhance security

Industry Applications Include:

  • Industrial machinery
  • Enclosure
  • Construction and forestry equipment
  • Furniture
  • Railway
  • Bus, coach & recreational vehicles
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)
  • Telecom
  • Sheetmetal fabrication

Discussing the latest model of E5 latches, Zygology Sales Manager Richard Avery confirmed the benefits of the new product, “This new addition to the E5 cam latch range solves the problem of needing to stock multiple cams for various applications that require the same latch but with different grips, whilst the added plastic cover on the cam prevents potential damage to painted frames as the conventional all metal versions can. This new variant offers a great new option to all customers using, or considering using, cam latches”.

If you’d like samples or to find out more and discover how the Southco E5 Cam Latch can meet your latching requirements for multiple application, get in touch with our friendly team of experts today on 0808 123 1221 or email

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