Faster assembly of rod systems in enclosures

1 min read

A new assembly method for attaching round rods to a latch in multiple-point locking applications has been launched by Dirak.

It eliminates the need for screws and tools. The round rod slides in to a polyamide adapter and remainsin place without the need for attachment using screws. The assembled unit then is clipped on to a grooved stud of a two-point or three-point cam. The polyamide material used in the design eliminates any concerns over rattling, states the company. Dirak explains that traditionally round rods are manufactured with an extruded eye and attached to a cam with C clips. They can be produced in common lengths that can be cut to any length. An adapter is required and is attached to a cam with C clips; the adapter is attached to the round rod with a set screw. "This complex installation process requires tools and, if assembled incorrectly, can result in the rods becoming disengaged from the cam. In addition, the metal components can rattle against each other." The new method is stated to offer the following advantages: Quick assembly results in cost reduction. Users can cut standard- length round rods to custom lengths and install the adapter quickly without the use of tools. Due to the polyamide design rattling is eliminated. Once attached to the rod the adapter will not loosen or separate from the rod. Meet DIRAK at the Fastening & Assembly Solutions Exhibition, RAF Museum Cosford, 29th April