Boost your Productivity with Effective Chemical Repackaging

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KitPackers, an Ellsworth Adhesives company, are an ISO 9001:2015 registered custom chemical repackager of one and two component resins such as adhesives, encapsulants, sealants, lubricants, and a whole host of other industrial chemicals. With a reputation as industry experts and a passion for quality service, they are equipped to serve even the most unique chemical packaging needs.

KitPackers can provide a highly customized solution for companies in a wide variety of industries as they can create nearly any packaging system for any material. From dual and single component cartridges, to bi-pac foil sachets, twin packs and syringes, there is something to suit all application requirements. Solidifying their industry leading reputation, KitPackers is an authorized repackager for an array of leading manufacturers such as Dow, 3M and Henkel, as well as many major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Why Chose KitPackers?

There are a wide range of advantages to using the KitPackers service, such as improving material quality thanks to enhanced dispensing accuracy. It allows for an increase in production line throughput due to the reduced labour required to mix and dispense the material, as well as minimising waste, rework and clean up time. Additionally, KitPackers highly qualified lab team work to ensure an accurate mix ratio and are fully prepared to handle, store, re-package and ship even hazardous and temperature sensitive materials.

In addition to their repacking service, KitPackers work in partnership with Ellsworth Adhesives and sister company Robnor ResinLab to provide a complete solution which will add significant value to your manufacturing process. Together, they offer services such as kit assembly & bagging, modifications & toll blending, material preservation and many more.

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