Greater Design Flexibility with Acrylic Adhesives

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Acrylic adhesives are a highly versatile and multi-purpose bonding choice which are used industry wide. Part of the structural adhesive family, they can be used to bond a wide range of different substrates. Ellsworth Adhesives Europe supply a wide range of acrylic adhesives for even the most diverse application requirements.

Acrylic adhesives can be used to bond thinner materials, such as prepared or unprepared metals and engineered plastics, which traditional mechanical fastening methods could not. This makes them a perfect adhesive for sign making as they allow for greater design freedom as well as reducing manufacturing costs. 3M Scotchweld EPX DP804’s clear formulation and ability to gap fill means that it is virtually undetectable on translucent substrates.

Acrylic adhesives also play a role in the manufacturing of sporting goods such as golf clubs or goal frames, which involves the bonding of robust materials such as aluminium and steel. These bonds are placed under extreme stress and rigorous wear and tear when in use. Acrylic adhesives provide the joints with high levels of impact resistance which ensures they are long-lasting and durable. Permabond TA4200 gives a particularly high strength bond on aluminium and can bond the robust materials with ease, as well as joining any smaller, complex parts to the goods without any restrictions. Furthermore, there is no additional finishing work required when using acrylic adhesives meaning a faster turnaround and a polished aesthetic.

Furthermore, the possibilities and uses for structural adhesives within the automotive sector are truly extensive. Acrylic adhesives are being implemented in this area as a replacement for traditional bonding methods such as welts, rivets and brazing. Acrylic adhesives such as Lord 403E17-101 work exceptionally well in the bonding of aluminium, steel and composite materials. They are used for the bonding of exterior vehicle components such as door panels and frame work. These components are subject to high impact and stress daily, however acrylic adhesives provide a durable and flexible join which can withstand these pressures.

Similarly, the aerospace industry uses acrylic adhesives for the bonding of exterior components. Acrylic adhesives have excellent environmental resistance properties, meaning they can withstand solvents, moisture, salt spray, oils and weathering. They also have brilliant resistance to UV exposure and anti-corrosion properties, making them an ideal choice for the aerospace industry. The Lord Corporation range of aerospace acrylic adhesives are aerospace approved and specially formulated to excel in both high and low temperature conditions, as well as providing the highest impact and peel strengths available.

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