Advanced Silicone Materials for Drone and UAV Manufacture

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Techsil understands the unique requirements in advanced drone and UAV manufacture; together with Momentive they put forward a range of silicones perfectly suited to the challenges faced.

As the role of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles evolves in today’s world hardware boundaries are constantly being pushed. Techsil understands these unique challenges and offers a broad range of silicone products that can provide environmental protection, increase hardware reliability, improve sensor performance and extend component life.

You may ask why you would choose silicones for Drone and UAV manufacture. The answer is simple, they offer properties perfectly suited to the challenges faced! Silicones deliver a sustained flexibility in extremely low temperatures whilst also offering excellent dielectric and thermal insulation, they provide UV and Ozone resistance and will cure at room temperature with no heat required. Products are available from Techsil with a range of viscosities which accommodates a vast range of applications; low outgassing solutions are also available which meet (or exceed) ASTM E595 testing standards.

Thanks to the versatility of the silicones on offer many parts of drone and UAV assembly can be solved using this new range of advanced material solutions. If we take battery management for example, silicones will help with PCB encapsulation, vibration dampening, battery potting and thermal adhesion all whilst working as a flame suppressant. They can be used to waterproof the pin connectors or as a solution for non-corrosive bonding; coating sensors, sealing cases, EMI shielding, with gap fill and thermal management. You could even consider them for optical bonding or crystal clear potting for enhanced user displays.

Working in partnership with Momentive Performance Materials, from launch to landing, our range advanced silicone products really does enable the next generation of UAVs. Contact us to speak with our Technical Team for more information.

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