Why You Should Use ARaymond™ Quick Connectors

TFC, the European distributor of ARaymond™ Quick Connectors, showcases top-of-the-line assembly solutions that guarantee reliable and efficient performance for various automotive fluid lines, ranging from fuel systems to EV thermal management.

ARaymond™ Quick Connectors feature various designs, orientations, and versatile locking systems, including options with one or two buttons and the robust double lock (RayLOCK® Double Lock). The connectors tackle challenges such as channel mounting, limited accessibility, or stringent assembly verification needs. Justin Lawrence, Applications Engineer at TFC, an AFC Industries Company, stresses the role of these connectors in simplifying assembly processes and making them more efficient.

Product Applications

These connectors are essential in many fluid connection systems across automotive and heavy vehicles, applicable to fuel lines, cooling circuits, SCR Urea lines, EV thermal management, air conditioning, power steering, and brake fluid circuits. They are manufactured in plastic for reduced weight and corrosion resistance, helping manufacturers reduce emissions and meet environmental requirements.

Additionally, they are used in various industrial settings, including HVAC systems, household appliances, electronic devices, manufacturing equipment, lighting solutions, power generation, construction machinery, and railway systems.

Our Quick Connectors are durable and ergonomic, allowing easy and secure connections without using tools. With our vast range of diameters and designs, Quick Connectors can significantly reduce assembly cycle time, conserve space and weight, and simplify serviceability.​ Some designs offer lower assembly forces, such as the VDA low-push connectors, reducing the musculoskeletal risk for workers and improving overall assembly line speeds. 

Compatibility and Standards

Adhering to international standards like SAE J2044, VDA, and various European regulations, ARaymond™ Quick Connectors come in sizes ranging from 6.2 mm to 55 mm (Hose sizes 3.2 mm to 55 mm). They are compatible with all tube types, including polyamide tubes and rubber hoses, with additional welding connection options for polyamide tubes.

Enhanced Functionality

Quick connectors can be equipped with valves or sensors for extra functionality, providing a wide array of technical solutions. These enhancements include flow control, pressure management, and one-way and shut-off valves catering to diverse and specific operational needs.

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About the Author

Justin Lawrence – Technical Manager

Justin specialises in the design and sale of wave springs, spiral retaining rings and quick connectors, designing custom products for a range of applications including oil & gas, automotive and medical. Justin has been with TFC for over 20 years, gaining further experience in the mechanical and industrial engineering sector.

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