Wasting Time with Fiddly Washers?

We've all been there – assembling a product using either nuts, screws, or both, with an assortment of washers, only for them to slip from your grasp and disappear into an inaccessible place that’s just out of reach! Now, imagine dealing with this on an industrial scale!

Sure, over time you would develop a better technique in handling the assortment on a production line, but you’re never going to eradicate waste completely.  Staytite has a solution to prevent this frustration and improve assembly time…

Staytite offers a range of SEMs, Barb, or Carp nuts. First, let's talk about SEMs – screws combined with one or two free-spinning washers that stay securely on the thread.  With no means for the washers to escape, the assembled unit is easier, and quicker to handle.  No more struggling to attach multiple washers while applying torque – these encapsulated units simplify tasks, boost production speed, and minimize errors.

Using washers with nuts has also never been easier thanks to Staytite's Barb and Carp nuts. These hexagon nuts incorporate a free-spinning washer into one fastener. Just like SEMs, the washer and nut are a unified part, allowing the washer to rotate freely without escaping, saving you time, and reducing wastage.

Accrued man-hour savings add up significantly over the long term, making these fasteners a cost-effective choice:

  • One operation instead of two
  • Halved labour costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Easier installation in difficult or confined spaces
  • Streamlined stock keeping and inventory control

Ready to boost efficiency and eliminate washer woes? Contact our sales team today for a quote at 01494 462322 or visit our website at www.staytite.com for more information.