tesa® flame retardant and halogen-free tape solutions

To ensure health and asset protection, fire safety regulations are of special importance in a variety of industries, such as aviation, trains, marine, building and construction, elevators, automotive and e-mobility. As a result of that, tesa launched a new assortment of flame retardant and halogen-free tape solutions.

The tesa® flame retardant assortment complies with fire regulation standards, and all tapes are halogen-free, which supports smoke reduction and less gas toxicity. The wide variety of the assortment extends from thin double-sided tapes for lamination demands to the PE- and acrylic foam products for the constructive solutions.

Advantages of our flame retardant tapes:

- Compliance and fulfillment acc. to industry standards UL94 and FMVSS 302
- All products are halogen-free
- High performance on a variety of surfaces
- Reliable long-term bonding
- Large assortment for a wide range of applications

PE Foam backing- tesa® flameXtinct 45001

tesa® flameXtinct 45001 product is a flame retardant PE-foam tape for  permanent mounting in demanding applications. The tape comprises of a flame retardant acrylic adhesive and flame retardant PE-foam with excellent bonding strength.

Thin tapes with filmic and non-woven backing

The thin double-sided flame retardant adhesive tapes tesa® 45051, 58372, 58373, and 58375 are available with product thicknesses from 50 μm to 200 μm. Flexible PET and non-woven backing makes them suitable for laminating applications with flame retardant requirements. The high-performance acrylic adhesive makes the products optimal for a variety of applications with low carrier thicknesses.

Acrylic core backing - tesa® flameXtinct 45063 and tesa® flameXtinct 45065

tesa® flameXtinct 45063 ynd tesa® flameXtinct 45065 are flame retardant acrylic core tapes for permanent bonding applications. The acrylic core allows for the compensation of thermal elongation and good adhesion to various substrates such as: metals, powder coated surfaces, glass and plastics.

 Proven and reliable: our flame retardant and halogen-free tape solutions - tesa