Staytite supplies kitted parts to its customers to increase productivity, save time and reduce costs.

Having your fastener & C-class part requirement ready in kit-form is a proven method of streamlining a whole host of processes including material sort & handling, storage, as well as reducing time and errors at the point of use. From manufacturing to servicing, kits can be designed for a specific task, or multiple kits can be created for individual build stages…

Kitting is a great way to have all your essential items in one easy to use package.  The advantages are that you don’t have to waste valuable time sorting and organizing your parts.  The kits can be stored in one place, ready to go when you need them.  Your inventory is simplified from multiples of parts to just one convenient package.  Utilising kits as part of your production process eliminates errors that may have been made previously when picking, and having the right parts at the point of use is proven to increase productivity.

Working with its clients’ needs, Staytite delivers tailored kitting solutions specific to requirement. The type of parts supplied within a kit range from, but are not limited to, fasteners, ‘C’-class parts, sprays & lubricants, adhesives, electrical components, instructional information, stickers and signage, to name but a few.  Packaging options include, but again, not limited to labelled bags, specially designed recyclable cardboard boxes and re-usable plastic containers.

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