Self-Locking Retaining Rings for High RPM

The engineering team at TFC recommends Self-Locking Retaining Rings as ideal for applications with high rotational requirements. Self-locking allows the ring to operate at high speeds, withstand vibration, function under rapid acceleration, and absorb a degree of impact loading.

Revolutionising High-Speed Applications with the Smalley Revolox Self-Locking Ring

In the fast-paced world of modern applications, especially in the automotive, industrial, and aerospace industries, the need for high rotational capacity is at an all-time high. As rotational requirements reach unprecedented levels, engineers often face challenges in finding reliable retaining rings that can withstand the demanding conditions of high-speed rotations. Enter Smalley, the market leader in innovative retaining ring solutions, with their latest game-changing invention – the Revolox Self-Locking Ring.

Meeting the Need for Speed

The Revolox Self-Locking Ring is designed to address the escalating demands of high RPM (Rotations Per Minute) applications, such as electric motors, automotive transmissions, gearboxes, and high-speed spindles. The ring's revolutionary 'dimple and slot' design provides enhanced safety and efficiency and boasts significantly higher RPM capacity compared to its non-locking counterparts.

Revolutionary Design for Efficiency

Its groundbreaking' dimple and slot' design is at the heart of the Revolox Self-Locking Ring. The dimple, created by punching the underside of the ring, forms a dome shape on the opposing side. Critical for proper functioning, this dome shape protrudes above the ring's surface without shearing. The slot cut into the mating turn, is strategically positioned to trap the dimple once the ring is installed in a groove. This unique design prevents ring expansion during rotation, ensuring a secure and reliable fastening solution.

Advantages that Set it Apart

  • Superior and secure RPM performance
    • Tested and optimised for high RPM performance
  • Ease of installation
    • Sturdy design not easily damaged during installation
  • Lightweight
    • Lower rotating mass, lower cost for increased efficiency
  • Automated installation capabilities
    • Ideal for high production volumes
  • Inherently better balance than traditional snap rings
    • Decreased vibration

A Breakthrough in the Industry

Before introducing the Revolox Self-Locking Ring, engineers had limited options for high RPM applications. Standard snap rings posed problems during installation, yielding issues, excess vibration, and failure at high speeds. Smalley's innovative design has addressed these concerns and opened up new possibilities for engineers looking to design around higher rotational capacity requirements.

Paving the Way for the Future

As the demand for secure and efficient high RPM fastening solutions continues to rise, the Revolox Self-Locking Ring is at the forefront of a new era. Smalley has pioneered a new product category, providing engineers with a tool to design applications with higher rotational capacities safely, efficiently, and quickly assembled for high-volume production. In a world where speed and efficiency are paramount, the Revolox Self-Locking Ring is a true game-changer.

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