Prototype assembly at the ready

Getting help with the assembly of samples can be a headache – but help is at hand

With modern factory design, the small workshop has often vanished or the particular piece of equipment required is simply not available. As a result, getting help with the assembly of samples can be a headache for many companies.

But there are suppliers out there that still go out of their way to make it happen for customers. At Zygology, for example, there is a well equipped workshop and demonstration room that takes care of prototype assemblies. This can be either carried out by the customer, with the assistance of one of the company’s product experts, or entirely by Zygology.

“We can assist with the installation of most types and size of blind rivet, structural blind rivets, lock-bolts, rivet nuts and rivet nut studs,” says Richard Avery, sales director, Zygology. “In addition, we can demonstrate in a customer’s own product the advantages of the POP Avdel Speed Riveting system, which can reduce assembly time by 30% or more, compared to conventional rivets.

“We also have a PEMSERTER press, which is available for the installation of the full range of PEM fasteners, including self-clinch nuts, studs, stand-offs, panel fasteners, cable ties, snap tops, plungers, inserts for printed circuit boards or plastics, rivets, plus many more variations.”

Zygology’s current press is equipped with the optional QX turret, which reduces the need for tooling changes and improves assembly efficiency, “so we can show the best and fastest way to install a variety of fasteners whilst assembling your samples”, he adds.

“As labour is generally the highest cost in most assembly work, this can be a highly valuable consideration to add into any product cost calculations.