Innovative Adhesive Solutions for PCB Assembly from TECHSiL

Technical specialists TECHSiL have an innovative range of adhesives and potting compounds specifically designed for PCB Assembly in Automotive, Consumer Electronics and Medical Devices. Offering strong adhesion, halogen purity and a high resistance to chemicals, thermal shock and vibration.

Adhesives are commonly used to attached surface mount components to printed circuit boards (PCBs), TECHSiL, in conjunction with supply partners Panacol, provide a broad portfolio of adhesives which possess the necessary properties for PCB assembly. Their range includes underfill materials which can be used for the mechanical stabilisation of flip chips, critical in BGA packaging; SMD and component protection; connector bonding; frame and fill products, ideal for protecting highly sensitive areas; and bonding of optoelectronic components with optically transparent and non-yellowing properties.

Adhesives for Automotive
Automotive technology advancement can be supported with the introduction of innovative adhesives, protective coatings and conductive materials. Vitralit®, Structalit® and Elecolit® brand adhesives make it possible to design and manufacture reliable electrical circuits, responsive interior lighting, environmentally protected sensors and durable camera systems for e-mobility. TECHSiL adhesives meet the rigorous requirements automotive component assembly demands delivering high adhesion and excellent resistance to temperature variation, chemicals, vibration, and environmental stress.

Adhesives for Consumer Electronics
TECHSiL’s adhesives for consumer electrics enable the production of lightweight designs with higher performance. Vitralit®, Elecolit® and Structalit® brand adhesives produce high strength bonds with materials and components typically used in PCB and flex circuit assembly; resulting in improved impact resistance, more secure wire bond connections, and optimised thermal management for a long-life performance.

Adhesives for Medical Technology
With the support of Panacol, TECHSiL is able to offer state-of-the-art adhesive technology to support the continuous innovation within the medical device industry. Advancements in wearables and minimally invasive devices demand high performance adhesives. All of Panacol’s range of medical grade adhesives available through TECHSiL are certified according to ISO-10993 and/or USP Class VI standards and are compatible with all common sterilisation processes. Fast curing UV adhesives are suitable for precise production with fast cycle times, offering non-yellowing and transparent solutions with improved bond strength to low energy surfaces including polyimide, Pebax® and PEEK.

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