High Performance Components Designed for Reliability, Safety & Efficiency

For over 65 years, Rotor Clip has been a trusted partner in the automotive industry, providing high-quality circlips that ensure the reliability and safety of automotive designs. As the automotive landscape rapidly transforms with the rise of electric vehicles, Rotor Clip proudly contributes to this innovation by crafting components for electric car manufacturers worldwide.

Our range of products, including circlips, spiral rings, wave springs and hose clamps, are crafted from high-strength, high-quality materials like stainless steel and specialty alloys. These materials are chosen to withstand extreme conditions, from temperature fluctuations to moisture exposure. Parts destined for safety-critical applications must adhere to the highest standards of quality, reliability, and cleanliness.

In a single modern vehicle, there can be more than 100 applications for Rotor Clip products, ranging from mirrors and brakes to door locks and filters. Our dependable parts support leading automotive companies around the globe, for instance, our balanced spiral rings with self-locking features used in electric motors.

These self-locking rings are vital to prevent expansion due to centrifugal forces, ensuring they stay securely seated in their grooves. Without this self-locking feature, the ring could potentially grow in diameter during high-speed rotation, risking failure. Additionally, the same spiral ring can be statically balanced to reduce motor vibration, meeting specific customer requirements. Having a self-locking feature and balanced slots in the same spiral ring is not mutually exclusive, as different applications may demand various features to meet their unique needs.

Spiral rings provide the versatility needed for custom solutions, allowing adjustments in ring diameter, thickness, radial width, material type and the inclusion of removal provisions, tamper-proof features, balance slots, self-locking features and more.

In the same vehicle, applications like bearing preload benefit from our wave springs. These springs can save up to 50% in axial space compared to traditional spring elements, offering low spring rates and linear load-deflection curves. Wave springs minimize friction within the bearing, improving efficiency and enhancing the cruising range of electric vehicles.

As automotive design engineers work to innovate and streamline their industry, our dedicated team collaborates closely with them to develop cost-effective and functional components for their unique applications. From the initial prototype phase to full-scale production, Rotor Clip’s engineers work hand-in-hand with potential customers to find the best solution.

For assistance with your specific application, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@rotorcip.com or visit our website at www.rotorclip.com.