Essentra extends global drive to all-electric machines to maximise quality and productivity

Essentra PLC, a global leader in the manufacturing of essential industrial components, has recently upgraded its manufacturing capabilities by replacing its 55th hydraulic injection moulding machine with a new electric model. This move is part of Essentra's comprehensive long-term investment program aimed at transitioning its entire machine portfolio to fully electric models by the end of 2031.

In collaboration with a select group of key equipment suppliers boasting global support networks, Essentra is replacing 180 machines that have been in operation for 15 years or more and are approaching the end of their operational lifespan. The new machines include both all-electric and hybrid electric models, the latter incorporating Vireo servo drive technologies.

These upgraded machines have been successfully installed at Essentra facilities in the UK, the US, Brazil, Barcelona, and China, delivering notable benefits. The transition has resulted in a 30% reduction in energy consumption, cycle to cycle, along with an impressive overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) surpassing 85%. Across all five countries, average cycle times have been reduced by 15%.

Notably, the enhancements in process and productivity are enabling three electric machines to match the output of four hydraulic models, thereby reducing the overall operational footprint. This increased capacity is further supported by the guaranteed repeatability inherent in electric machines, ensuring heightened product quality.

Chris Butler, Engineering Director, expresses the tangible returns on this substantial investment, stating, "The increased capacity and reduced energy costs are exciting for both our business and customers alike. Electric machines offer greater reliability and longevity compared to hydraulic counterparts, delivering significantly increased productive hours annually. With improved performance and greater automation, we are fostering greater efficiencies for our customers."

Recent developments highlight Essentra's commitment to continuous investment, including the inauguration of a new manufacturing facility in Monterrey with a £1.28 million investment in eight new machines. In October, the company unveiled a new Centre of Excellence at its UK headquarters, featuring an additional £110,000 investment in a bespoke electric machine.

Chris emphasises Essentra's unwavering dedication to its investment goals, stating, "We have plans to replace further hydraulic machinery in 2024, allocating over £2.1 million for the rollout of new electric machines, prioritizing the replacement of the oldest machines as they reach the end of their useful working lives."


For more information on Essentra’s sustainability commitments, go to their website here