FDB offers quarter turn locks

FDB Panel Fittings is offering quarter-turn locks that use industry-standard cut-outs for ease of fitment to cabinets and enclosures across the industrial and office environment.

Techsil links with Dopag UK on FIPFG Foam Gaskets

Techsil and Dopag UK have joined forces to offer formed-in-place foam gaskets (FIPFG) as a contract manufacturing service.

Construction of Böllhoff campus gets underway

Böllhoff has confirmed the construction of its new training and further education centre in Bielefeld, Germany, has begun with the demolition of old production halls.

Jet Press offers high-voltage cable clips

Jet Press has launched high-voltage cable management clips to address the demand for solutions that can withstand the rigours of high-voltage environments.

Tesa offers adhesive tape for packaging

Tesa has unveiled a paper-based reinforcement adhesive tape that can reinforce packaging or cartons at sensitive points such as side hole handles, flap handles and top-hole handles.

EMKA offers hardware for commercial vehicles

EMKA has advised that its electronic locking systems can also be useful for commercial vehicles and caravan manufacture.

JCS statement on Russia

JCS has issued an online post stating that it complies with the applicable sanction legislation concerning our sales and purchases of materials.

Jetpress offers new security fasteners

Jetpress is offering a new generation of security fasteners to provide a first line of defence against tampering.

Freudenberg sealing solution protects cobots

An unnamed manufacturer chose Freudenberg Sealing Technologies to develop a sealing solution to protect its collaborative robots’s (cobots) joints from dust, spraying water and other contamination.

Delo adhesive supports autonomous driving

Delo has developed an electronics adhesive that meets the requirements of the semiconductor and automotive industries while also helping to drive innovation in autonomous driving.

EMKA offers standard program swinghandles

EMKA has issued an update on its standard program of low profile swinghandles for enclosures and cabinets, covering the benefits of this design technology.

Henkel offers product demonstrations

Henkel is offering in-person demonstrations of Loctite and Teroson products to help body shops lower costs and improve the quality of repairs.