How edgewinding can optimise e-bike design

Simon Ward, technical manager at TFC, explains why electric bike manufacturers are turning to components manufactured via edgewinding to solve design challenges.

FDB offers clean locking solutions

FDB Panel Fittings, together with its sales partner Dirak, are offering clean locking solutions for the food processing industries where regular washing is required.

Broanmain develops magnetic door device

Moulding firm Broanmain Plastics and Fireco will launch a fire-compliant magnetic door device for healthcare, residential, education, leisure hospitality and industrial facilities.

Master Bond offers Supreme 3DM-85

Master Bond has formulated Supreme 3DM-85, a one component epoxy to serve as the damming compound in dam-and-fill encapsulation applications.

Intertronics recommends compound for Venta project

Intertronics recommended that Venta Global trial the IRS 3078 Polyurethane Potting Compound in a project that involved potting for outdoor LED lamps.

Huntsman develops battery materials

Huntsman has announced the development of polyurethane, carbon nanotube and epoxy materials to help improve the integration of batteries into electric vehicles and enhance their protection.

ATP among Switzerland’s best managed companies

ATP Adhesive Systems has been recognised for its overall business performance and sustained growth in the Switzerland’s Best Managed Companies awards.

Dymax releases HLC-M-1000

Dymax has released the first product in its new Hybrid Light-Curable (HLC) series of adhesives that is designed for medical device assembly.

Araldite epoxy applied to DDT

Araldite insulation epoxies delivered anti-cracking, electrical insultation and thermal conductivity properties for a dry-type transformer (DDT) developed by Huntsman and TBEA Group.

Huntsman to develop EoL recycling solutions

Huntsman and V-Carbon Technologies are combining their resources to develop end of life (EoL) recycling solutions for carbon fibre composites.

Freudenberg develops elastomer compounds

Freudenberg has confirmed its new development for the vulcanisation of chloroprene rubber eliminates the need for ethylene thiourea (ETU) as an accelerator – while still meeting automotive industry...

TIM proves suitable for automotive customers

A silicone material developed by Freudenberg Sealing Technologies that is thermally conductive and electrically insulating has proven its suitability in several customer projects in the automotive...