Trifast invests to increase its European manufacturing capacity

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International fastener specialist TR VIC spa, part of the Trifast plc group of companies, has once again benefited from a significant investment at its manufacturing site in central Italy.

In expanding the TR Viterie Italia Centrale (TR VIC spa) site in Fossato Di Vico in Umbria, Trifast is further increasing its capacity to meet the growing European white goods market. It has experienced unprecedented demand, which has been fuelled by the increase in consumer-driven home improvements during COVID that shows no signs of abating.

The investment is largely focused on securing new machinery at the site, all locally sourced from Italian manufacturers, and this will increase the production capacity by some 33%. It builds on an earlier move back in January 2021 to implement additional multi-station cold forming machinery in its heading section. This will result in their ability to produce an additional 500 million pieces annually over the next 12 months.

The site is focussed on being ‘Industry 4.0 compliant,’ creating a greener and more efficient workspace, providing a modern, fresh and diverse environment. The work is to be completed in two phases in 2022 and 2023, which includes extending the manufacturing footprint on the site.

Andrew Nuttall, European managing director of TR Fastenings, said: “The order book has increased dramatically over the past two years. As more people work from home, they are investing in their domestic appliances and not spending so much on holidays, and instead enhancing their home environment. This means that the demand for white goods has significantly increased. Our major customers want to see shorter and more agile supply chains. The lead times out of Asia have increased significantly during COVID and freight costs and container issues has meant that we had to react and onshore more product. This investment strategy allows us to better meet our customer needs, now and for the future.”

Stefano Pisoni, managing director of TR VIC Spa, said: “This investment represents a huge step forwards for our capability to meet growing demand. The site was operating at 130% of its capacity, putting a strain on the workforce to meet customers’ demands. We are now embarking on the first steps, not only to futureproof our group against supply chain disruption, but also to ensure we continue to meet the demands of our customers. In sharing this news with them at every opportunity the feedback has been fantastic that we have instigated this investment.

The investment has been well received locally, creating new jobs and this has piqued the interest with local government and the media, giving us the recognition that we are an important manufacturing company in this key area of Italy. We are proud of the fact that we have chosen Italian companies to supply the new machinery.”

Glenda Roberts, global projects and marketing director of Trifast plc, added: “We are very confident in our ongoing programme of investment in Italy. This move has come directly from customers telling us they want us to manufacture in Europe, nearer to market, and avoiding the supply chain challenges that have been hampering the sector. More widely, this is how things are going. Major brands want this. This will become a growing part of the TR strategy future proofing against supply chain disruption and investing in the European manufacturing economy.”

The TR VIC site serves 24 countries around the world and the site will also have capacity to serve more health & home and light & heavy vehicle sectors.

TR VIC is a member of the European Fastener Distributor Association (EFDA) and has automotive production accreditation IATF 16949.