Thread locking devices, ex-stock

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Challenge Europe is offering ex-stock thread locking solutions for general industrial assembly purposes.

One of the most common and simplest solution to problems of vibration loosening of threaded fasteners is by use of a conventional locking nut or half nut.

Use of a full nut provides an easy fitment, which pulls from the same stock as the main fastener. A locking half nut above the full nut leaves ‘head room’ – indeed, where two half nuts are used, this can make a quite significant difference in cramped situations.

Full nuts are available in all metric sizes to fit screws and bolts. Commonly, they are available as cold forged parts, but larger sizes are often bar turned from hexagonal bar. Half nuts are available in steel, stainless steel or brass.

Ex-stock self-locking nuts are frequently a preferred solution, since they reduce the number of operations and order lines. Also known as stiff nuts and sometimes prevailing torque nuts, these are available in a range of styles, but they all operate in a similar way, having an interference fit mechanism that provide anti-loosening characteristics. Standard reference types include nylon insert nuts, Philidas nuts, Binx nuts, Aerotight nuts and Stover nuts.