TFC launches VMI Smart Solutions

Vendor managed inventory (VMI) provider TFC has partnered with Inventor-e on a new technology-based offering.

VMI Smart Solutions are enterprise-level, cloud-based supply chain management solutions. They give customers real-time visibility over who is using what and where in a manufacturing facility or warehouse, to vastly improve health and safety, security, compliance and part availability. 

The solutions are powered by technology from Inventor-e, including cloud-based software, Sourcerer, which controls the supply chain for Inventor-e’s range of inventory management solutions. These include stores management, industrial vending, asset management, van stock management and point-of-use solutions. The equipment uses technology including weight sensors, near field communication (NFC), passive Gen2 RFID, Bluetooth Smartie tags and smart apps.

The system keeps equipment in a secure and controlled location that can be easily accessed by authorised personnel. All systems are flexible, so they can be easily scaled up or down based on demand to reduce overstocking while preventing stockouts.