Swing handles help put the squeeze on litter

1 min read

Swing handles and hinges from hardware manufacturer Industrilas have been specified in a smart wastebin.

MR Fill is a waste bin which harnesses solar power to drive a compactor that compresses the litter which people feed into it. By reducing down the volume of the rubbish in this way, a typical MR Fill bin can hold up to five times as much as an ordinary standard bin of the same size – which results in far fewer visits being needed to empty it.  

Launched with a 120 litre capacity, the product portfolio has since grown to include 240 litre versions.  

Industrilas provides swing handles and hinges for the MR Fill smart bins, with the products featuring on every version as the uptake spreads across Europe. The swing handles, available in various sizes and in a variety of materials and finishes, are used to lock and open each MR Fill smart bin. Industrilas also supplies the hinges featured on the lids of each model in the MR Fill range too. These are just part of a large hinge range that encompasses many different types including lift off, concealed, friction, internal and external in a number of metal and plastic finishes.  

The contract is a significant one for Swedish manufacturer Industrilas, with smart waste bins now being used in 30 countries and growing. “High quality is still the main focus for us,” says MR Fill’s Theo Kik. “Our products should always be top quality, and with a solid partner like Industrilas providing great solutions, we never have problems with the handles and hinges,” he concludes.