FDB store now stocks handles

FDB Panel Fittings has announced that its online store now stocks handles for doors, drawers, panels, equipment and cases from a range of manufacturers in various materials.

(Image credit: FDB)

According to FDB, handles of this type are often the last component to be fitted and can be needed as a matter of urgency at the last minute to avoid delays in production or delivery. The online store serves this need.

Bridge handles – also known as bow, grab, lift and “D” handles – are a common component in industries such as mechanical engineering, sheet metal fabrication, medical devices, food processing, rail transport and tunnelling, data centres and utilities. They are suitable for manual interactions offering a comfortable interface at the point of operator contact.

The Online portfolio also encompasses large scale tubular lift handles and small-scale finger pulls. D style bridge handles are available with front or rear fixings as required to meet aesthetic and security concerns.