New Permabond ET5422 structural epoxy aimed at welding replacement

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A new high-strength two-part epoxy adhesive was originally developed for a spacecraft project and later adopted by an aircraft parts manufacturer.

ET5422 offers high peel strength and achieves exceptionally high structural bond strength and performance. The material is toughened with a second-generation core shell rubber technology that is said to offer excellent impact, vibration, peel and shear strength.

Permabond ET5422 is described as suitable for replacing welding. With an ability to bond dissimilar materials, it allows greater freedom of material selection and creates an impervious seal against moisture and chemicals. It can also be used instead of mechanical fasteners, helping to keep assemblies lightweight and rattle-free.

This room temperature-curing epoxy adhesive consists of resin and hardener and is supplied in dual cartridges for dispensing via a handgun. Adhesive is mixed and dispensed via static mixing nozzles. It can also be supplied in bulk for use with automatic dispensing equipment. Full cure can be achieved at room temperature, although cure times can be reduced with the application of heat.

Typical shear strengths of substrates bonded with Permabond ET5422:

  • Aluminium 30 N/mm²
  • Mild Steel 22-26 N/mm²
  • Stainless Steel 16-20 N/mm²
  • Hot Dip Zinc Galvanised Steel 18-22 N/mm²
  • Carbon Fibre 20-30 N/mm²
  • Epoxy FRP 18-25 N/mm²
  • Polyester GRP >10 N/mm² (substrate failure)

This product has been designed by UK-based chemists and is manufactured in Permabond’s factory in Hampshire, UK.