Fastener coating guide published

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Earnest Machine has published an ebook on fastener coating.

Corrosion and wear are the greatest enemies to fasteners. Once corrosion begins, fasteners start to break down quickly, reducing their effectiveness and lifespan on any application. Fasteners made from carbon or high strength alloy steels that are subjected to harsh environments or hazardous chemicals, typically have a plating or coating applied to their surface to protect the steel underneath. Fasteners that lack this protective layer can become damaged, ultimately compromising their assembly, which can be both dangerous and costly to replace.

The solution is simple: plating or coating fasteners with a protective layer.

This eBook provides a background on the plating and coating processes, the wide range of options available within each category and how to specify the properties needed for each application. 

Topics include:

  • The difference between plating and coating
  • The importance of salt spray testing
  • Plating styles
  • Coating styles
  • Sourcing specifications and suppliers
  • Three tips for selecting plating and coating options

Copies are available via the link below.