Protecting industrial fasteners from corrosion and other harsh environments

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Industrial fastener manufacturer and distributor Earnest Machine has launched a free eBook offering a comprehensive look at solving corrosion and harsh environment issues with platings and coatings for industrial fasteners.

The resource explores the basic concepts and terms that are often used when discussing platings or coatings, including how to specify the protection needed for particular applications. It details both plating and coating options, alongside the difference between the two processes used, as well as a closer look standard platings and coatings that are available with the industry.

Corrosion and wear are the greatest enemies to fasteners. Once corrosion begins, fasteners start to break down quickly, reducing their effectiveness and lifespan on any application. Fasteners made from carbon or high strength alloy steels, that are subjected to harsh environments or hazardous chemicals, typically have a plating or coating applied to their surface to protect the steel underneath. Fasteners that lack this protective layer can become damaged, ultimately compromising their assembly, which can be both dangerous and costly to replace. The solution is simple: plating or coating fasteners with a protective layer.

This eBook will provide a background on the plating and coating processes, the wide range of options available within each category and how to specify the properties needed for each application.

It includes sections detailing how to determine the protection level needed, how protection levels are tested, what properties each type of protection offers, alongside the solutions available. The eBook is intended to be an introductory guide to plating and coating.

Topics include:

  • The difference between plating and coating
  • The importance of salt spray testing
  • Plating styles
  • Coating styles
  • Sourcing specifications and suppliers
  • Three tips for selecting plating and coating options

The eBook itself is designed to help people in the industry understand platings and coatings, alongside the vast amount of choices available in the market.

Stuart Southall, general manager at Earnest Machine, comments: “As a company, we feel that we have a responsibility for education and information sharing alongside our sales and service. We’ve backed this up in our latest investments, such as our new UK website, which includes an insights platform as well as this new resource. This is all available free of charge to anybody in the industry – whether they’re a customer or not.”