Ellsworth launches Dowsil TC-5150

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Ellsworth Adhesives has released its Dowsil TC-5150 thermally conductive gap filler, which is expected to protect and enhance electronic components.

Ellsworth Adhesives

Dowsil TC-5150 is a one-part non-curable gap filler with 5 W/mK thermal conductivity. The product has been developed to dissipate heat from electronics to a heat sink, providing a cooling solution for a variety of applications. This thereby provides protection to the electronic device.

TC-5150 is made with silicone materials heavily filled with heat conductive metal oxides. This combination is said to provide high thermal conductivity and high temperature stability. Additionally, the product is claimed to eliminate mixing and curing requirements for increased productivity and reduced energy consumption. It also allows re-work to be performed in the component.

Dowsil TC-5150 has balanced properties of dispensability, low volatile content, and vertical hold stability. These properties make the versatile gap-filler suitable for a host of thermal management applications.

Recommended applications include:

  • Automotive electronic control units
  • Processors and microprocessors
  • Power electronics
  • Telecom base stations
  • Power supplies and semiconductors
  • Memory and power modules
  • Central processing units 
  • On board chargers